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Professional IT Staffing
Veritis offers a range of solutions when it comes to the fulfillment of your IT Recruitment needs.

Contract / Consulting Staffing
" Expertise on demand " is the flexibility in hiring that is your business strategy and thus the protocol. Contract staffing is the key to your Staffing needs that may arise from growth in business, demands to fulfill coverage due to peak time spikes or seasonality, technology implementations, business mergers and special projects. readmore

Contract to Hire Staffing
Effective Staffing is all about having the right people in the right place at the right time. How do you know that an individual is an ideal fit for the required job and a best fit for your organization? A hiring decision gone bad will result in a substantial loss of time, money due to the cost associated with the recruiting process and a lot of frustration. readmore..

Direct Hire Staffing
Your business IT needs demand an addition to your core workforce as a direct placement. Veritis Direct Hire Staffing serves your fulfillment needs to add value to your organization's talent pool. readmore..

Veritis Project Partners
In this modern day and age, as the constant need for technology implementation and innovation grows, businesses find themselves submerged in the adaptation and management phases rather than focusing on the core competencies of their business model which in turn impacts their profitability. To avoid such compromises, several businesses have identified partnership strategies and have found such alliances to be substantially beneficial.readmore..

Outsourcing Solutions
Why venture into Outsourcing ?
Any time invested by a member of your team in a task that is not targeted towards your business core competency and does not add value is a cost that can be reduced. Whether your business model already shelters outsourcing as a more effective and time saving strategy or it is now that you are positioning to adapt outsourcing for its potential benefits readmore..
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