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For years, many companies have been re-writing their software systems from scratch to take advantage of different development tools, languages or platforms. Quite often you realize that enhancements to your existing business applications are bogged down due to limitations in the technologies supporting them. While you are aware of the opportunity cost involved in delaying the technology transition, you are also concerned with the methodology to go about with the inevitable migration.

Veritis recognizes these needs and help our customers to transform their legacy information systems into strategic enablers that will support the growing needs of their business. In addition, our services can help to reduce the costs of maintaining and upgrading existing applications. Our technology migration services allow companies to relocate existing production software to a more desirable language and preserve the integrity of the original layout used to build the system rather than re-create the system from scratch. Our approach to deal with out-dated technologies means no changes to your organizations’ business logic. Your current business rules are preserved and no re-engineering is required. We will help you establish a central organization that can track the progress, communicate the new processes, train employees, and manage the vendors utilized in the transition.

We are equipped with the expertise to draw migration plans that address issues associated with the gradual termination of legacy systems and shifting to the newly deployed systems. These issues include user interface compatibility, database compatibility, transition support and training. Checklists are used to identify the critical issues corresponding to each of the elements of the legacy system. What's more we ensure a smooth transformation of enterprise software applications from one environment to another which offers more value.
Case Studies
  • Veritis increase their market share depends on the ability to contain costs
  • It improves operating efficiencies and decrease time-to-market for new products.
  • It develops smart, efficient, user friendly, tedious organization work flow process.
  • Veritis holistic working methodology, process flows and efforts help you to meet your tasks, objectives and goals conveniently.
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