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Veritis - DevOps Consulting Partner

Fast-growing IT world demanded a successful collaboration between development and operations teams for a better quality and timely product delivery. This resulted in the emergence of a new concept called DevOps, which derived its definition through an agile relationship between software development and IT operations.

DevOps teams endeavor to improve cross-functional performance between the development and operations teams, and enable accelerated value delivery through improved communication, collaboration, standardization and automation. Hence, it comes as no surprise that organizations around the world are looking to adopt DevOps and are on the lookout for the right DevOps consulting partner.

Critical Success Factors for Enterprise DevOps

While the Agile concept brought together development teams to collaboratively produce software, DevOps takes this concept forward ensuring that operations teams are also involved in delivering a successful end-to-end solution. There are several critical factors that play a key role in driving DevOps success across organizations. These include:

  • Bridging Cultural Silos: For delivering the right solution through DevOps, delivery must be in sync with business objectives. Continuous alignment of user stories, acceptance criteria, code and tests is essential. Gartner estimates a downfall of the 90% of the organizations attempting to use DevOps without specifically addressing their cultural foundations in 2018.
  • Closing Monitoring-Planning Loop: To enable continuous delivery, requirements to address bug fixes, performance problems and other issues must be addressed during the DevOps cycle. Considering requirements more holistically and eliminating the disconnect between monitoring and planning cycles are essential for successful DevOps practices.
  • Technology Ecosystem: DevOps signifies a shift from success of one release or feature to the success of the whole system. DevOps teams must consider the utilization of the entire technology ecosystem and account for the impact on dependent systems, performance, scalability, usability, compliance, among others for measuring DevOps success.
  • Practical DevOps Goals: Organizations should have practical DevOps goals in their quest for accelerated delivery while managing considerable risk. For instance, it is not feasible to expect the delivery of numerous releases each day.
  • DevOps Toolchain Strategy: The DevOps toolchain is a set of integrated tools that drives Agile, Lean and DevOps IT in supporting delivery of high-quality software. Organizations must develop and follow a DevOps toolchain strategy for streamlining activities, eliminating redundancies, reducing manual work and improving processes.

Veritis – Committed to DevOps Excellence

Our expertise in DevOps consulting services helps organizations of all sizes in aligning their development and operations teams, and achieving the development of optimized, efficient and quality software. After a thorough evaluation of your present DevOps frameworks, we create a detailed roadmap for implementing the DevOps best practices in line with the latest technology trends and universal standards.

Our DevOps maturity assessment model can help in the analysis of the maturity level in several areas such as agility, continuous integration, continuous delivery, test automation and deployment.

Some of the value-added benefits accrued to organizations through our consulting services include:

Speed of deployment Reduced cost/time of delivery Increased test coverage
Increased environment utilization Minimized deployment related downtime Reduced defect cycle time
Increased ability to reproduce and fix defects Minimized ‘mean-time-to-resolution’ (MTTR) of production issues Minimized roll-backs of deployed Apps

Veritis can be an ideal partner for the entire range of your DevOps consulting requirements. To explore more about our services reach us at 972-753-0022 or Email to

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