What ‘DevOps Maturity’ Means to Your Organization?

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What DevOps Maturity Means to Your Organization

DevOps has transformed the IT industry by changing the way teams operate and collaborate in the process chain and workflow.

By now, many organizations all over have attained some level of DevOps implementation part of their software process. While, there are also a few in the understanding DevOps impact and a few are yet to realize the DevOps potential.

Here comes the most common discussion as to ‘What exactly means DevOps maturity?’

Understanding DevOps Maturity

By definition, DevOps Maturity refers to the organizational journey in implementing DevOps part of their software process. This basically determines the extent to which organizations reached in their DevOps journey and what more has to be accomplished.

As the experts recommend, organizational DevOps maturity can be gauged by their abilities in following four areas:

1) Culture and Strategy

DevOps has to be understood as a culture-driven approach that brings together different teams, driving them towards a common objective. Transition to DevOps means transformation in organization’s operating culture backed by a set of policies and process frameworks. So, that needs a proper planning and perfect strategy

2) Automation

Automation is key to continuous delivery and continuous deployment mechanisms in DevOps process. By automating repetitive tasks, the automation process eases development, testing and production in a DevOps cycle, thus saving time and enhancing resource efficiency.

3) Structure and Process

Modern day IT functioning is process-oriented and involves processes across all stages of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). This has advanced in a DevOps environment, where every stage is a set of processes in line with corporate policies and business objectives.

4) Collaboration and Sharing

This is the most important aspect of DevOps culture. Collaboration and sharing are key to DevOps and teams (on same location or different location) will need to align tools and resources towards achieving common goals and objectives.

According to Forbes research, organizations, most commonly, find themselves in one of the following stages as part of their DevOps journey:

  • Unconscious incompetence – Organizations fail to understand DevOps and its advantages
  • Conscious incompetence – Organizations still see siloed processes even after 12-18 months of DevOps journey with some automation
  • Conscious competence – After four years of DevOps journey and successful automation, organizations focus on collaboration across teams and streamline sharing mechanism
  • Unconscious competence – Here, organizations are all set with structured frameworks, in-depth collaboration, concrete process for effective sharing

DevOps Maturity Linked to Security

DevOps Maturity Linked to Security

DevOps maturity is directly linked to DevOps security. As organizations progress in DevOps journey, competitive edge becomes a serious demand calling for faster release cycles and digital innovation demands a strong pitch.

This is where the challenge of security starts becoming more serious and which is why, DevOps maturity calls for reconsidering of security practices.

Eventually, organizations will have to make security an integral part of their DevOps process and take it closer to all stages of application development.

At the maturity level, DevOps experts work with security personnel for early security integration across all parts of the Software Development Lifecycle.

This can happen through effective DevSecOps implementation. solutions like Containerization can also help to some extent in addressing issues on a continuous basis by limiting the vulnerable resources.

Moreover, Security and DevOps teams can also collaborate in applying security policies and frameworks to all the DevOps tools and resources.

In Conclusion
DevOps Maturity increases your overall organizational workflow, enhances release frequency and minimizes time-to-market, thus giving you a competitive edge! In the path of attaining DevOps Maturity?

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