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Get advanced DevOps strategies from Stevie Award winner Veritis. We develop and deploy DevOps solutions based on your requirements and support complex enterprise-level IT projects.

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    Our DevOps

    Consulting Services

    With more than a decade’s experience, Veritis has successfully executed projects of different complexities. We provide DevOps solutions to emerging companies and Fortune 500 organizations as we house a team of experts who develop reliable solutions which accelerate your productivity.

    Assessment and Planning

    Assessment and Planning

    We generate a DevOps workflow after visualizing the process and identifying the milestones.

    Assessment and Planning

    Framework Creation

    We tailor a DevOps strategy based on your existing infrastructure and integrate it with our robust ecosystem.

    Assessment and Planning

    CI/CD Pipeline

    We continuously refine a product with our continuous development, continuous integration, continuous testing, and continuous deployment pipeline.

    Assessment and Planning

    Project Automation

    We automated the Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline to make it error-free from the development stage to the deployment phase.

    Assessment and Planning

    Process Execution

    We assess, design, and build solutions from scratch with the scope for automation.

    Assessment and Planning

    Security Integration

    Security is paramount, and we ingrain DevOps security at every possible juncture to avoid faux pas.

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    Strategic Alliances

    We have partnered with industry technology leaders to deliver the best-in-class DevOps solutions to our prestigious clients.

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    5 Key Elements We Follow for All Our Projects

    • Assessment and Planning
    • Automate Infrastructure
    • Continuous Integration
    • Continuous Deployment
    • Integrate Strong Security

    Our DevOps Approach

    Our DevOps approach makes use of the best CI/CD processes, tools, and practices needed to accelerate the software delivery process.

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    Why Choose Veritis as Your

    DevOps Services Company?

    Clients choose us as we improve business agility, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. We are distinguished by our:

    Simplified Delivery Experience

    We have the expertise to assist businesses of all kinds with adopting DevOps concepts and processes. Our delivery experience is about streamlining various applications' release cycles, from legacy to DevOps and beyond.

    Talented Engineers

    Our DevOps experts are highly professional and skilled in all cutting-edge technologies, offering you excellence at every stage of your DevOps transformation journey. Our DevOps solutions have garnered appreciation and awards for their innovation and quality.

    Best Security Integration

    Veritis ingrains security and compliance at every level of work to ensure that there is no room for ambiguity and that our partner receives faster product delivery at a cost-effective solution. Our team incorporates security into the product’s core, using reliable techniques to track outcomes.

    Dedicated DevOps Team

    DevOps experts are assigned to each of our clients as part of a dedicated team, and they use a customized strategy to address their issues individually. Our team models the DevOps solution on our client's unique requirements and employs the most effective DevOps techniques.

    What Can You Expect From Veritis

    DevOps Services?


    Support Cases Reduction


    Infrastructure Improvements


    DevOps Companies Benefited

    Discover the DevOps Technologies Potential

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    Veritis offers the best DevOps services for your business requirements with cost-effective solutions. Our DevOps solutions have won awards and accolades from different corners.