5th Annual DevOps Connect: DevSecOps Day on Security Integration

By Veritis

DevSecOps Day on Security Integration

Here is an important update for DevOps lovers!

DevSecOps Day

Bringing together the global DevOps community, DevOps.com & Security Boulevard are back again with the 5th Annual DevOps Connect: DevSecOps Day @ RSAC 2019.

As in the title, this conference will focus on DevSecOps, the security extension of DevOps.

The DevSecOps Day 2019 is being held on March 04, 2019.

The conference lays emphasis on secure application development pipeline and security integration as a key part of the movement towards automation and overcoming manual oversight enforcement.

“We must adapt our ways to ensure data security and privacy issues are not left behind because we were too slow to change,” read a statement from the organizers.

The conference will feature stories from DevOps practitioners, where they will explain about the cultural transformation from legacy development and deployment phases to integrating security part of the process chain.

The speakers will also talk on ways to achieve faster application development with fast-paced deployment to production, all with security in place in DevOps process.

The conference will see global experts from the fields of DevOps and DevSecOps Transformation, Cloud Security, Cyber Strategy, Information Security and Digital Platform Engineering, among others.

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