DevOps Enterprise Summit 2018 – Driving Success with DevOps

By Veritis

devops summit london in june

Bringing together the global DevOps community, IT Revolution is organizing a two-day international DevOps conference in London during June 24-25, 2018. The conference titled ‘DevOps Enterprise Summit 2018’ is bringing onto stage some of the world’s top technology and business leaders who contributed to the wellness of the global IT community.

Wide category of participants attending the conference include: Managers (34%), Executives (30%), Developers/Engineers (11%), Architects (6%) and Others (17%).

In total, the conference is hosting executives, technology leaders, directors & managers from over 500 global organizations.

The event will be featuring the documentaries of various successful and ongoing transformations that shaped the large and complex organizations, globally.

The conference will also see knowledge exchange sessions and one-one discussions among best practitioners and subject matter experts in DevOps.

Key presentations to be covered as part of the #DevOpsEnterpriseSummit2018 include:

  • Accelerating Software Development through DevOps and Strategic Tooling
  • Adaptive Challenges of DevOps
  • DevOps Success to Every App, Tool & Role in Your Organization
  • The Data Behind DevOps: Becoming a High Performer
  • Crossing the Streams: 2018 is the Year of ITSM/DevOps Crossover
  • Better Governance: Banking on Continuous Delivery
  • Get Started with DevOps in Government
  • Project to Product: Practical Realities at a Large-Scale Enterprise
  • Taming the Hybrid Beast with DevOps
  • Learning to Embed Lasting Change: The Art of Scaling Agile & DevOps
  • Digital Transformation – Thriving Through the Transition

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