DevOps India Summit 2018 for DevOps Community

By Veritis

DevOps India Summit 2018 for DevOps Community

In an enthralling update for the Indian DevOps community, Indian IT city Bengaluru is hosting the country’s first DevOps conference titled ‘DevOps India Summit 2018’ on August 31-September 1, 2018.

Under the theme ‘How-to‘ DevOps, the two-day event is bringing together industry experts, technology leaders and DevOps technology specialists for discussion on key areas related to DevOps practices and implementation.

The conference is featuring keynote addresses by DevOps industry and technology stalwarts from reputed organizations. In their address, the speakers will highlight their experience and learnings from their enterprise DevOps initiatives.

The conference will also have panel discussions and breakout sessions, with wide participation of IT leaders and engineers from different platforms. The sessions will be led by the industry and technology leaders who are already pioneering DevOps practices across large organizations across various industry verticals.

The conference will witness discussions on proven practical approaches to successful implementation of DevOps practices and continuous delivery pipelines.

The event also provides an opportunity to businesses to present their ideas and also set up stalls to attract concerned stakeholders and potential investors.  As part of the event, DevOps service and tool providers will present their capabilities towards successful implementations of continuous delivery pipelines.

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