DevOps Institute Report – Soft Skills Crucial for DevOps Recruitment

By Veritis

DevOps Institute Report

DevOps success is defined by automation and process skills but definitely not without soft skills.

This is exactly what DevOps Institute’s new report titled ‘Upskilling’ talks about. The study that surveyed more than 1,600 people found a distinct correlation between the must-have and ‘nice-to-have’ skillsets.

Key Report Findings:

  • 57 percent respondents cited automation as a must-have skill, followed by 55 percent who responded with ‘beat out processes’, and 53 percent cited soft skills
  • For those in the process department, 47 percent respondents cited the software development lifecycle was of high significance, followed by 46 percent for ‘understanding process flow and analysis’ and 42 percent who pointed at ‘agile methodologies’

On the recruitment front, the study indicated that there is an equal balance between DevOps hirers looking for soft skills and those looking for technical skills.

For C-level executives and IT management, soft skills such as business skills, communication, influencing, negotiation and strategic thinking were considered on priority.

Although, only 23 percent individual contributors said these skills were very important, compared to 47 percent from the IT category and 43 percent of C-suite category. In terms of specific adoption rates, the study found that 43 percent respondents were at project-level adoption for DevOps, while 19 percent were enterprise-ready and 15 percent at planning stage.

Similarly, 55 percent of respondents said they had knowledge about DevOps compared to 22 percent who said they had very little knowledge or no familiarity.

“We found the majority of leaders within the organizations we surveyed are hiring from within and are willing to develop an individual’s abilities and provide opportunities,” said Eveline Oehrlich, Analyst at Forrester Research.

“Hiring managers see the DevOps human as a creative, knowledge-sharing, eager to learn individual with their skill sets and abilities being shareable. Our study provides insight into what skills the DevOps human should develop, in order to help drive a mindset and a culture for organizations and individuals,” she said.

Overall, its important to note that different skillsets are key to DevOps and are often looked at to fill in the elements of collaboration, problem-solving and sharing and knowledge transfer in the DevOps process.

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