Global DevOpsDays Conference in January 2018

By Veritis

Global DevOpsDays Conference

The next DevOpsDays, a series of global technical conferences, is scheduled to be held in New York City during January 18-19, 2018. This event, the first of 2018, will be held every month in different cities in the US and abroad.

Over 300 DevOps practitioners, executives and managers from organizations of varying sizes and industry sectors are expected to attend the conference and contribute their expertise to the DevOps community.

DevOpsDays is a series of technical conferences focusing on software development, IT infrastructure operations and the correlation between the two. Testing, Automation, Security and Organizational Culture are some of the topics that are covered during the conference.

Event Organizers

Beginning with the first edition organized by its founder Patrick Debois in 2009 in Ghent (Belgium), the DevOpsDays conference has subsequently been held at multiple locations across the world, and 2016 alone saw 40 such events worldwide.

The core DevOpsDays organizer group includes the lead Bridget Kromhout and web team lead Matt Stratton along with Jennifer Davis, Kris Buytaert, Dan Maher, Ken Mugrage, John Willis, Andrew Clay Shafer, Mike Rosado, Bernd Erk and Matthew Jones.

Ross Clanton, Ceren Ercen, Tom Limoncelli, Jacki Damiano, Karen Whelan, Kristen Olah, Matt Walter and Nick Maxwell are the organizers of the New York event.

Event Details:

Date and Time
Jan 18-19, 2018, 8:00 AM–5:00 PM EST

Microsoft Technology Center
11 Times Square, New York City
New York, USA, 10036


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