Legacy Networks Inhibiting Cloud and Digital Transformation

By Veritis

Legacy Networks Inhibiting Cloud And Digital Transformation

The results of the Future of Network Global Survey, which examined the impact of legacy infrastructure and next-generation infrastructures on cloud and digital adoption, were unveiled recently. They reveal a near unanimity among the IT professionals numbering 1000 from nine countries with regards to the hindrance caused by legacy infrastructures upon the cloud and digital strategies.

The Survey Findings

While 97 percent of the respondents believe that legacy network infrastructure will find it difficult to fulfill the changing requirements of the cloud and hybrid networks, 91 percent opine that next-generation networks are essential to go ahead with their cloud initiatives. On similar lines, 98 percent of those surveyed feel that next-generation networks are indispensable in safeguarding the interests of their businesses and end users.

According to the survey findings, though there is a gap currently in the adoption of next-generation technology that can accelerate the cloud and digital transformation, this will change sooner than later. For instance, 93 percent of IT decision makers surveyed plan to migrate to SD-WAN (software-defined wide area networking) from the current 4 percent in the next four years.

Advantages of the Next-generation Networks

Additionally, 57 percent of the survey respondents feel that next-generation networks can help them in achieving the operational agility which is essential for the success of the modern enterprise. According to them, updating the legacy networks and anchoring the next-generation networking with technology can bring forth many positives for the enterprises such as increased productivity, greater efficiency due to better use of bandwidth, increased revenue, greater agility, opportunities for expansion and improvement of digital initiatives.

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