Rising Demand for Managed Cloud Services

By Veritis / Oct 23, 2017

managed cloud servicesRecent market research studies have indicated that the demand for enhanced hybrid cloud services is on the rise across enterprises despite the premium prices involved. Three-fourths of the respondents, who include CTOs and CIOs, have expressed a willingness to accept higher pricing of up to 30 percent for server hosting and cloud services.

While 48.7 percent of the respondents looked for security and 43.3 percent wanted service performance, 27.9 percent of those surveyed wanted the operational management to be handled by service providers. Businesses are ready to pay a premium ranging from 27.9 percent for operational management to 33.3 percent for enhanced customer service and support.

A majority of the survey respondents consider security services coupled with infrastructure or application services as an important expectation, though only 38.8 percent of them believe their present service providers satisfy this requirement.

On similar lines, over two-fifths of the respondents feel that there is a gap in the vendors’ ability to migrate data and workloads to the cloud and that less than 20 percent of them are currently able to match the expectation of the customers.

As per the assessment of the study, customers expressed a greater preference for the value provided by vendors such as guaranteed levels of performance, security and support over the costs involved.

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