Unforeseen Cloud Security Issue Leading to Exposure of Corporate Data

By Veritis

Unforeseen Cloud Security Issue Leading To Exposure Of Corporate Data

The unprecedented growth in the usage of cloud computing services in recent times is also presenting a unique problem to companies – data loss due to configuration errors.

Security experts opine that while configuration errors like setting of access permissions to users outside the company are not uncommon, these often result in misuse and loss of critical data. There have been almost 175,000 instances of misconfigured cloud services and software during this year.

The Contributing Factors

According to experts, basic computer storage, networking and computing services are most susceptible to misconfiguration. They aver that the unchecked growth of the cloud services market, specifically cloud-infrastructure services, is the major contributing factor for this occurrence. Gartner estimates that the cloud computing services are expected to reach $247 billion at a phenomenal growth rate of 17%.

Lack of a governance model and proper planning in corporate IT departments are also cited as other possible causes for the problem. IT security experts aver that as the software is hosted on the cloud instead of in corporate data centers, IT departments often find it difficult to monitor and manage high-risk changes, software patches and connections between critical applications.

The Solution

To alleviate these issues, leading cloud service providers are investing in new innovations towards enhancing cloud security, in addition to providing services that help companies evaluate whether their data is misconfigured or subjected to unauthorized access.

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