Application Virtualization Services

Encapsulating computer programs from the underlying operating system

Application Virtualization ServicesAn Introduction to Application Virtualization

Application virtualization is a technology that separates a software from the underlying operating system. In other words, it refers to the abstraction of the application layer away from the operating system.

A virtualized application runs in a sandbox environment on the user’s machine that prevents installation to the local OS.

Application virtualization services decrease the size and complexity of client infrastructures, while parallelly increasing the security.

Some of the features of application virtualization include:

  • Compatibility: Virtualized applications remove the dependencies on the operating system and pre-empt any compatibility issues while installing or upgrading applications
  • Portability: Virtualized apps can be used to store information on the local system similar to normal applications
  • Management: Application management is centralized as the virtualized apps are installed on a host system, with any application updates made to the host

Business Benefits of Application Virtualization Consulting Services
By helping you in virtualizing your applications, Veritis can provide your business with several advantages such as:

  • No installation and uninstallation: Application virtualization simplifies software deployment by removing the necessity of installing and uninstalling apps
  • Application Isolation: Application virtualization allows multiple applications requiring specific server operating systems to coexist on the same server
  • No application conflicts: Application virtualization helps reduce the risks of application conflicts
  • Simplified OS deployment: A new operating system can be deployed in the network without affecting the applications
  • Multiple runtime environments: Different versions of a runtime environment can be run on a desktop
  • Improved security: As virtualized applications are isolated from the operating system and one another, malware cannot easily infect the different parts of the system
  • Reduced costs: Virtualized applications minimize the amount of hardware required and increase the return on investment

Veritis Expertise

Veritis has a team of industry experts with extensive experience in delivering application virtualization consulting services and solutions for both SMBs and large organizations.

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