Server Virtualization Services

Masking Server Resources from Server Users

Server Virtualization ServicesAn Introduction to Server Virtualization

Server virtualization is a method of partitioning one physical server into numerous virtual servers, each of which can run its own operating system and applications, and functions as an independent server.

Server virtualization services involve the masking of server resources from server users. These may include the identity and number of individual physical servers, operating systems and processors.

By making each virtual server look and act like a physical server, the capacity of the physical machine is multiplied along with increased resource sharing and utilization.

Server virtualization solutions are ideal for small to medium scale applications and are also widely used for providing cost-effective web hosting services.

Business Benefits of Server Virtualization Consulting Services

Veritis server virtualization support and consulting services help you to effectively leverage your existing infrastructure towards business growth and innovation. In addition to providing unmatched flexibility, performance and utilization, we maximize server resources based on your business needs.

We enable you to practice redundancy, i.e. run the same application on multiple servers, without requiring to purchase additional hardware.

Our solutions provide several advantages to your business such as:

  • Reduced hardware costs: By consolidating server hardware, you can increase the existing hardware utilization and reduce costs
  • Energy savings: Decreasing the number of servers in your data center reduces the overall energy consumption along with a smaller carbon footprint
  • Faster server provisioning and deployment: You can reduce the time to provision new services and derive improved application performance
  • Business continuity: The live migration option of virtualized servers ensures data availability and business continuity even if a server shuts down
  • Improved disaster recovery: Disaster recovery is simplified with the Single System Image (SSI) feature of server virtualization
  • Application isolation: By consolidating virtual machines across fewer physical servers, you can eliminate application compatibility problems and fully utilize the physical server resources

Veritis Expertise

Veritis has a team of industry experts with extensive experience in IT virtualization services projects, involving the configuration, support and maintenance of virtual servers for both SMBs and large organizations.

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