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Opportunity to Enjoy a Balanced Life

Great People, Great Life

Veritis, a global company in the Eastern and Western hemispheres, is the perfect place for you to innovate and grow. Spread your wings and advance your career by working with the eclectic innovators at Veritis. Here, we coalesce fun and work to provide a nurturing environment for all employees.

Fun’s Our Middle Name

Too much of anything is counter-productive, and we don’t believe in tiring our employees in the name of productivity. We organize fun activities every Friday and conduct seasonal outings to anneal burnout.

Chance to Grow

As a Veritis employee, you are expected to have the zeal to grow and take on challenges as opportunities. Backed by mentors, the employees can accelerate their professional growth within the organization. These career-advancement initiatives shall unlock the best in you.


Employees can advance their careers with learning opportunities sponsored by management. These opportunities can lead to personal and professional growth and are essential for achieving professional success.

Our Shared Values


We are accountable for our actions, as actions speak louder than words. At Veritis, we think twice before acting, which leaves no room for error.


Ideas are meant to be brainstormed and refined to achieve the brilliance they are meant for. The collaboration allows ideas to reach their zenith and is seen as a driving force for perfection.


A solution is only effective when the client’s requirements are comprehended and met without cutting corners. We leave no stone unturned to provide effective solutions.

Corporate Social Responsibility
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Awards and Recognitions

Benefits and Perks

Learning programs are aplenty, and we provide advanced learning opportunities for employees willing to widen their skillset.

Well-being sessions, including Yoga, meditation, and Zumba, are offered on an ongoing basis to feed the mind, body, and soul.

We foster a supportive and positive work environment that promotes camaraderie among employees, helping them adopt a productive lifestyle.

Our health benefits cover you, and your family for the health needs to improve your well-being.

We offer family well-being programs that include paid leaves to enable our employees to care for their loved ones.

The outstanding performers stand to earn awards, ranging from ‘Innovator for Unique Contributions’ to ‘Above & Beyond Extraordinary Performer.’’

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