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Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory Services


Ever-expanding market has been posing serious challenges to every individual player in every industry. No one knows what happens the next minute, and that’s where the competitive spirit among firms started rising to a new high.

This brought about a drastic change in the way IT industry operates. While large IT enterprises continued focusing on further expansion, small and medium firms continued basic portfolio building as their target to stand in the competition.

Exactly, at the mid of this scenario lies the actual game i.e. the game of Technology ‘Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)’, a strategy to expand an organisation’s IT portfolio.

Why IT Mergers & Acquisitions?

A Merger or Acquisition is typically a process that involves two or more firms with an intention of gaining assets, financial benefits, brand enhancement and achieve longevity in the market.

Dire need to prove market presence and high competition in maintaining market dominance continue to be the top reasons for M&A strategy.

IT industry is no exception to this trend, as evident in increasing number of IT firms (both SMEs and large enterprises) planning active M&A transactions, globally.

Active M&A transactions in the IT industry are often focused on market expansion, business enhancement, improving financial position, brand recognition, gaining a competitive edge and more under a corporate IT growth strategy.

Why M&A Advisory Services
Though M&A sounds simple, it entails a long process involving huge costs, government regulations, legalities, paperwork and more.

How M&A Benefits Your Organization?

Executing M&A process in a hassle-free manner remains to be a key concern for many firms, majorly because of concerns associated with integrating systems and processes.

Though having a common platform that works for either sides is one step in the process, a successful M&A process requires an integrated roadmap matching organizational goals.

A perfect M&A Strategy can help you in:

  • Growth Expansion
  • Facing Competition
  • Building Synergy
  • Achieving Economies of Scale
  • Establishing Dominion

How do you that? Here is where you need an appropriate advisory!

Mergers and Acquisitions – Process Lifecycle

The M&A process follows a universal step-by-step approach throughout the transaction lifecycle:



M&A advisory services and solutions provider will identify opportunities and targets within the industry in line with acquiring firm’s overall corporate strategy



Advisory experts help firms’ transition through the M&A process with specialized insight in commercial, financial, operational, HR and IT aspects



Advance planning in terms of transition-closure, financials, timelines and business disruption helps firms experience a smooth journey, post-merger or acquisition

Implementing M&A

As for every plan, the M&A process also involves a set of intermediaries in the form of Technology M&A consulting firms, who can execute the tasks for you with ease.

Veritis is here in front of you to offer the desired!

Veritis Information Technology (IT) Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory services, with its smooth and faster integration procedure backed by effective assessment and mapping, ensure you a successful M&A transaction with:

  • Defined M&A Strategy and Objectives
  • Clear-cut Assessment
  • Improved Decision-Making
  • Planned Integration
  • Early Risk Identification
  • Ease in business operations
  • Facilitated infrastructure
  • Insights into industry’s best practices
  • Cost-savings
  • Increased productivity
  • Released IT burden
  • Seamless Customer Support

Planning to do away with a subsidiary or asset in a riskless approach? Veritis experts are here to help you! We create a plan keeping in mind all the risks and preparing the asset for sale, leaving your business to normally perform even in the absence of the asset or subsidiary.

With a standardized approach, we also train, reengineer and give new life to your existing IT environments. Get in Touch!

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