Enterprise Service Management (ESM)

Empower your Business with Extended Service Management

Effective services are as important as having them in place! The changing buyer preferences prove the fact as we see the rising demand for end-user experience across every industry, today. While innovation continues to be the deciding factor, effective utilization of existing gamut of solutions is becoming more important than ever.

That’s where the challenge began for firms in having a parallel focus on both innovation and service offering to witness the expected business growth.

And, here is where ‘Service Management’ comes into picture!

Enterprise Service Management: Know-How?

With technology evolution, Service Management all-together took a different form with Information Technology (IT) department turning out to be a key element in every firm.

Within this scope lies the IT Systems Management (ITSM) and further the Enterprise Service Management (ESM) ‘as the practice of applying ITSM across the organization’!

By applying ITSM across all areas, ESM brought in a new pace in organizational functioning in the form of enhanced performance, improved efficiency and service delivery.

How Enterprise Service Management (ESM) Helps?

An understanding of ITSM helps us know how ESM performs, as the latter is a mere reflection of the previous.

As a holistic approach to ITSM, ESM implements:

  • Service Management principles
  • Technology-backed services such as service desk, service-based requests, self-service through effective knowledge management, chat applications and more…

ESM broadens the service management strategy within an organization taking it to other areas of the business ‘beyond IT’ through ITSM principles.

In its gamut of services, ESM solutions help you track key aspects of business resources such as assets, people, service requests, orders, challenges and more.

By doing so, ESM offerings bring transformation in overall service design, performance and transition in line with organization’s business needs and end-user satisfaction.

Upon a full-fledged implementation, ESM does more to empower your business. Willing to have one for your organization?

Have A Glance at Veritis Advisory!

Enterprise Service Management (ESM) is definitely a portfolio enhancement for your firm, adding to your business value in terms of cost-savings and enhanced services. All to make your customer happy right?

This is where most companies think of moving from being infrastructure-centric to service-centric businesses, which involves:

  • Maintaining an effective system of records
  • Standardizing key processes
  • Manage Legacy Systems
  • Develop custom applications
  • Continuous evolution of service models

Veritis can do this for you!

Under the ambit of IT advisory consulting solutions, Veritis Enterprise Service Management (ESM) Services cover diverse technologies and domains that can help you achieve a good Return on Investment (ROI). Our industry’s benchmark solutions can help you build trust, transparency and overall business efficiency.

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