Value Chain Analysis Services

Ease Your S/w Life Cycle with Value Identification

Technology advancements made tasks easier for companies, enabling them to deliver more value in short time.

This gave them an opportunity to design, build and develop models and react to the changing demands faster than before, thus having more time- to- market.

However, the entire process often incurs costs to result in competitive advantage to any organization. This is where you need ‘Value Chain Assessment’.

How Value Chain Assessment Helps?

Value Chain Assessment is key to the success of any firm with the process extending across all stages of the software life cycle.

It is typically a process performed to analyze the value delivered to finally achieve optimized delivery with reduced costs.

A clear-cut understanding of value-chain means gaining an overall knowledge of company’s financials, consumer & supply base, processes and organizational strategies. This definitely needs to be looked upon in a multi-angle perspective.

A perfect value chain assessment helps you identify the critical path and gives you a complete assessment of your organization’s delivery mechanism!

Veritis Value Chain Assessment

Veritis has a wide range of offerings with Value Chain Assessment being one under the firm’s Technology Advisory Consulting services. Veritis follows a different approach in delivering its Value Chain Assessment services.

We first analyze internal activities of your business and identify critical areas of focus to cut-down costs and bring out the potential value offerings in your process chain that make the difference. We shall identify areas and activities that respond positively to the change in order to improve your overall profitability and efficiency.

Veritis Value Chain Assessment reviews:

  • Current status of business
  • Business Partners
  • Value Stream Analysis
  • Possible and Potential risks
  • Non-value-adding elements
  • Scalability of Supply-Chain
  • Evaluate Changes and Plan of Action
  • KPIs: Baseline, Standards and Goals

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