What is Azure Kubernetes Service?

By Veritis / in DevOps

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) is a fully managed Kubernetes service offered by Microsoft Azure. It allows you to deploy and manage Kubernetes clusters on the Azure […]

5 Reasons for successful On-Premises to the Cloud Migration

By Veritis / in Cloud Computing

Companies are moving from on-premise environments to cloud computing, and businesses of all sizes and industries are doing so. This migration to the shared usage of […]

All You Need to Know About Kubernetes Deployment Strategies

By Veritis / in DevOps

Kubernetes is a widely used platform in the modern technological landscape that enables businesses to deploy and manage applications at scale. The container orchestration platform streamlines […]

Top 7 AWS Cost Optimization Tools

By Veritis / in Cloud Computing

Cost optimization is just one of the many advantages that Amazon Web Services offers its customers. However, Amazon’s cost optimization could be more challenging to handle […]

Kubernetes Vs. OpenShift: Which One Should You Choose?

By Veritis / in DevOps

Containerization is on the rise Kubernetes, along with OpenShift , are two popular most container orchestration platforms organizations use to manage and deploy containerized applications. While […]

Which AWS Cloud Management Tools Should You Use to Manage Your Business

By Veritis / in Cloud Computing

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers safe, dependable, and scalable platforms where businesses can create and implement cloud-based workloads as more firms undergo digital transformation. For their […]

Impact of Digital Transformation in Healthcare Industry

By Veritis / in Digital Transformation

Healthcare is not an exception when it comes to how much the digital revolution has an impact on overall performance. Today, it is crucial for the […]

Edge Computing Vs Cloud Computing: What are the Key Differences?

By Veritis / in Cloud Computing

The future of computing lies in the cloud and edge infrastructures. Edge computing reduces response times by bringing computers closer to the data source. On the […]

Things CTO Needs to Consider Selecting a Cloud Network Security Solution

By Veritis / in Cloud Computing

Attackers are working harder to take advantage of cloud vulnerabilities that let them infect users with malware and access sensitive data in production environments or take […]

Top 5 Tech Trends CIOs Must Focus on for 2023

By Veritis / in Blog

CIOs must protect the organization, be able to effect a change, and offer data insights to their businesses if they want to succeed in 2023. Keeping […]

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