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Private Cloud Services

Dedicated Cloud Platform With Tailored Solutions

An Introduction to the Private Cloud

A private cloud is a cloud computing model where IT services are provisioned for the dedicated use of a single organization or selected users, utilizing private IT infrastructure.

Private clouds allow organizations to customize their environments to their specific security requirements. In addition to the benefits of public clouds, such as scalability, ease of use, elasticity, and rapid development, private clouds offer tighter security, predictable costs, increased performance, and flexible management.

Private clouds are preferred over public clouds when security, control, and performance are top priorities.

Features and Benefits of Veritis Private Cloud Model

Veritis private cloud computing consulting services offer several features that benefit end-users, particularly through proprietary infrastructure and a private internal network/resources. These include security, privacy, reliability, control, cost efficiency, and cloud bursting.

Security and Privacy

Private clouds, also known as internal clouds, provide a higher level of security and privacy compared to public clouds, utilizing options such as dedicated leased lines and on-premise hosting.


Creating virtualized operating environments ensures the network’s resilience against physical infrastructure failures.


Private clouds offer greater control and tailored solutions specific to each organization.

Cost Efficiency

Implementing a private cloud model ensures cost efficiency through improved resource allocation within the organization. It also contributes to reducing the organization’s carbon footprint.

Cloud Bursting

During demand spikes, cloud bursting allows non-sensitive functions to be switched to a public cloud, freeing up space in the private cloud for sensitive functions.

Veritis Approach

Veritis consulting, implementation, and testing services ensure the timely delivery of private cloud solutions within budget and aligned with our customer’s business requirements. Our team of experts leverages decades of experience in optimizing and implementing private cloud architectures efficiently.

We thoroughly understand the business challenges associated with legacy IT infrastructure and provide the proper guidance on private cloud implementation to achieve cost and performance targets.

Private Cloud Use Cases

  •    Data Sovereignty
  •    Test/Dev Environments
  •    Disaster Recovery
  •    Addressing Compliance Regulations
  •    Mission-Critical Business Applications
  •    Data Center Consolidation and Extension
  •    Application Development
  •    Workloads
  •    Data With Demanding Security Requirements

Success Stories

Our private cloud solutions provide clients with secure and customizable infrastructure, enabling optimized performance and cost-efficiency.

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We leverage our expertise to deliver valuable resources and support for organizations adopting private cloud, ensuring seamless implementation, and maximizing operational benefits.

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