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Private Cloud ServicesAn Introduction to Private Cloud Services
Private cloud is the cloud computing model, where IT services are provisioned for the dedicated use of a single organization or selected users using private IT infrastructure.

Private cloud enables organizations to uniquely customize their environments as per security requirements. In addition to providing the benefits of a public cloud such as scalability, ease of use, elasticity and rapid development over the network private clouds enable tighter security, predictable costs, increased performance and flexible management.

A private cloud, as a secure cloud environment, is usually preferred over the public cloud when security, control and performance are the top priorities.

Features and Benefits of the Veritis Private Cloud Model
Veritis private cloud computing consulting services comprise several features that bring multiple benefits to end-users, especially the proprietary infrastructure and a private internal network/resources. Security, privacy, reliability, control, cost efficiency and cloud bursting are some of them.

  • Security and Privacy: Private cloud, often referred to as internal cloud, offers a greater level of security and privacy over the public cloud through options such as dedicated leased lines and on-premise hosting.
  • Reliability: The creation of virtualized operating environments ensures the resilience of the network to any physical infrastructure failures.
  • Control: A private cloud enables greater control and offers a tailored solution by being specific to that organization.
  • Cost efficiency: A private cloud model implementation ensures cost efficiency through improved allocation of resources within an organization. Reduction in the organization’s carbon footprint is another feature.
  • Cloud bursting: During spikes in demand, cloud bursting ensures that non-sensitive functions are switched to a public cloud in order to free up more space for the sensitive functions in the private cloud.

Veritis Private Cloud
Veritis Private Cloud Model

Apart from the aforementioned benefits, our private cloud portfolio also includes migration services, where we hold a proven record of successfully executing private cloud migration strategy with the industry benchmark approach.

Veritis Approach
Veritis consulting, implementation and testing services ensure that the private cloud is delivered on time, within the budget and meets all the business requirements of customers. Our team of experts leverage decades of experience in optimizing and implementing the private cloud architecture efficiently.

We get a thorough understanding of business challenges with the legacy IT infrastructure and provide you a right guidance on private cloud implementation, to attain cost and performance targets.

Private Cloud Use Cases
Veritis supports use cases which include:

  • Data sovereignty
  • Data center consolidation and extension
  • Test/dev environments and application development
  • Disaster recovery
  • Workloads and data with demanding security requirements
  • Addressing compliance regulations
  • Mission-critical business applications

Get Started Now
Industry renowned Veritis IT architects and experts can assist your organization in deploying a private cloud model-based IT infrastructure and enable you to realize the enormous benefits of unique cloud recovery and backup solutions.

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