Application Management Services (AMS)

Meet Apps That Drive Business Success

IT industry is making strategic shifts in its spending, which is increasingly moving towards maintenance on par with the new product development and innovation.

It’s of no surprise that organizations are spending around 60 percent of their IT investment on the maintenance of existing technologies and applications.

In fact, companies are gearing up to create specialized functions and processes just for maintenance and monitoring of existing technology, applications and infrastructure. Here is where ‘Application Management Services (AMS) and Support’ emerge as the need of the hour.

Application Managed Services: Veritis

How Application Managed Services Help?

Also referred to as Application Managed Services and Support (AMSS), these services make sure the existing applications support the business in all possible ways.

AMS Ensure Applications:

  • Work effectively and support 24/7 business operations
  • Report no downtime issues
  • Are flexible, scalable and cloud-ready
  • Support and scale new practices
  • Help businesses to innovate and integrate easily with third-party services

Application Management Services promise you more such advantages to keep your application portfolio the best and in line with industry standards, all to keep your business running successfully.

Thus, AMS Benefit Businesses Offering them:

  • Increased Performance

    Increased Performance

  • Improved Business Continuity

    Improved Business Continuity

  • Enhanced Productivity

    Enhanced Productivity

  • Accelerated Process Chain

    Accelerated Process Chain

  • Cost Savings

    Cost Savings

Looking for AMS Support? Veritis is Here!

Under its Managed IT Services, Veritis offers a range of Application Managed Services which include:

Application Monitoring and Performance

Application Monitoring and Performance

Our team of application management experts continuously monitor, diagnose, detect and resolve app issues to ensure their right performance and avoid downtimes.

Application Troubleshooting

Application Troubleshooting

Our troubleshooting experts address app misbehaviors, request handling delays, runtime issues and resource availability, among other issues that may interrupt the intended functionality.

Application Optimization

Application Optimization

Through a detailed review process, we optimize your applications in line with the changing business requirements, policies and ever-changing demands.

Application Enhancements and Maintenance Services

Application Enhancements and Maintenance Services

We make sure your applications are enhanced and updated with new versions required to face next-level challenges.

With this range of offerings, Veritis AMS support promises you the applications that are future ready.

Why Veritis?

We have a strategic approach to every requirement we deal with. With more than a decade-long experience, Veritis has been one of the early adopters of the Application Managed Services in the US Managed IT Services market. Deep technical expertise and proven record of dealing with many Fortune 500 firms make us the clients’ choice partner.

The Industries We Serve

We serve all industries looking for managed IT services. Over the years, we have closely worked with Government, Automobile, Entertainment, BFSI, among other industries across various US locations. Based out of Texas, we cater to the requirements of our clients across California, Colorado, Delaware, Indiana, Louisiana, New Jersey, New York, Michigan, Florida, Virginia, etc in the US IT market.

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