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Empower Business with Digital Experience

Changing end-user preferences and growing demand for product experience have brought about a significant change in every business.

As a result, business landscape has begun transforming to become digital, irrespective of geography, industry, regulatory hurdles and other aspects.

Why Digital Transformation?

Why Digital Transformation

Industry has undergone a wide range of transitions from being resource-centric to budget-centric, and finally to become customer-centric.

What drove this trend? The answer is the dire need for ‘End-user Experience’ driven by ‘Digital Capabilities’!

With the changing consumer behavior, as a result of increasing disposable incomes and preference for experience over quality, the business focus completely shifted to enhancing customer experience.

Thanks to the disruptive technology solutions that brought the diverse markets to smart devices!

So, firms started relying on offering ‘better first experience’ in their quest to boosting business productivity, leading to the Digital Transformation (DX or DT) trend!

Data Insights: Digital Transformation Services and Business Impact

Global DX Spending Forecast (2018-22)

  • USD 1.8 trillion by 2019
  • USD 6 trillion by 2022
  • Growth Year-on-year: 17.8 %
  • Growth Across sectors: 15-20%


Expected rise in revenues through digital initiatives by 2020


Expected rise of DX initiatives by


Organizations with coherent digital strategy


Organizations looking for ‘strategic service providers’ in DX journey


Organizations facing cloud-related skill shortage in DX journey


Organizations requiring service providers for skill development


Organizations building own DX projects without IT support


Digital Transformation Solutions for Business

Digital Transformation (DX) is basically a complete transformation of your business processes and operating models into digital experiences through digital technologies, capitalizing on the digital trend.

A perfect Digital Transformation strategy can reshape your business model, modernize and enhance end-user experience with high-end digital experiences that match industry standards.

Digital Transformation Assessment

Strategic Assessment is key to success of any process. Digital Transformation Assessment involves the assessment of market dynamics and technology opportunities for achieving desired results in digital journey.

Digital Transformation Assessment involves:

  • Applying technology strategies like Cloud
  • Spending Optimization
  • Bringing together internal operations
  • Creating future-proof IT architecture
  • Developing user-centric insights
  • Boosting IT-driven transactions
  • Innovating platforms

Benefits of Digital Transformation Strategy:

  • Enhanced Digital Presence
  • UI/UX and Information Architecture
  • Insightful and Data-driven Solutions
  • Informed Decision Making
  • Enhanced Business Productivity
  • Reduced CAPEX/OPEX
  • Brand Repositioning/Recognition

Our Offerings

Veritis has been one of the early providers of impactful Digital Transformation Consulting Services in the US market with a wide range of offerings, which include:

Industries We Serve

We have been in the industry since more than a decade period and have garnered a decent client base in these years. These include SMEs to large enterprises with a global presence from different industries.

We have a successful track in serving Automotive, IT, Government, Healthcare, Entertainment, BFSI, Energy and other industries. The deep domain expertise helps our experts gauge clients’ exact industry requirements and deliver the best at the benchmark levels.

Why Choose Veritis?

From the way they function internally to executing at the end-user side, we transform companies completely in this digital transformation journey. The expertise we offer in building digital strategies, fine-tuning experience and design, boosting development and engineering capabilities, and facilitate interactive reporting, made us the best choice for almost every company that approached us for digital transformation consulting. We wish you would be another strategic business partner. Come, join and feel the delight of our strategic consulting!

What are you waiting for? Give your business the digital touch and achieve the expected RoI out of this business transformation!

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