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Cloud Monitoring ServicesComplexities in traditional IT infrastructure are posing serious challenges to organizations in catching up the fast-changing market trends.

This is where Cloud Computing performs the role of a savior, addressing many business-critical tasks that require manual intervention, consume time and resources, and are expensive.

Eventually, there is a growing cloud adoption globally owing to its abilities to handle heavy workloads and provide enhanced mobility.

However, on the other side of the cloud services utilization are some critical challenges that the IT industry is facing, such as support from the service providers, security, storage, compliance and others.
‘Cloud Monitoring’ has answers for these cloud-related challenges!

A Cloud Monitoring Strategy is divided between Infrastructure Management and Configuration Management, and typically involves:

  • Utilization of manual or automation techniques to monitor the performance of applications, servers, etc.,
  • Assessment and evaluation of resource utilization, server response times, availability and operating speeds to ensure possible issues are addressed well in advance

List not exhaustive! The cloud monitoring strategy performs many other tasks with the sole purpose of keeping your cloud computing environment safe and secure.

Cloud Monitoring Tools

The implementation of any process is naturally backed by a set of tools and resources that make it happen.
Here are some important and popular ‘Cloud Services Monitoring Tools’ known for their abilities in driving the Cloud Monitoring as a Service (MaaS) objective:

Tool Tool Name Description
Amazon Cloudwatch Amazon Cloudwatch Without the need of any additional software, this tool helps monitor and track cloud resources and application operations running on AWS cloud.
Microsoft Cloud Monitoring Microsoft Cloud Monitoring Monitor and track workloads running on Microsoft Azure, and gain timely real-time insights on log files, security threats, and more. Doesn’t require any additional software and comes built-in with Azure.
AppDynamics AppDynamics Adaptable to any system/software environment; Offers cloud-based network monitoring services; Gives you the current state of cloud apps even at the deep-root levels of business transactions and coding; Offers high control and visibility in crucial IaaS/PaaS platforms like Azure, AWS, among others.
BMC TrueSight Pulse BMC TrueSight Pulse Designed to track multi-cloud operational performance, this cloud monitoring tool helps you build an all-round cloud ops management solution; Tracking cloud costs and effective resource utilization are among other benefits.
New Relic New Relic With abilities to manage complex and ever-changing cloud infrastructure, this tool provides you insights on cloud apps, servers running in real time; helps you scale. operations in line with usage irrespective of operating platform
Hyperic Hyperic Monitors apps running in physical, cloud, virtual environments as well as middleware and networks; Gives an overview of infrastructure, monitor performance, logs and modifications.
Solarwinds Solarwinds Manages and tracks everything including app performance, resource utilization and hardware issues in a virtual environment in a single real-time dashboard; makes predictive recommendations to improve components’ performance.
ExoPrise ExoPrise Deals specifically with SaaS apps such as Dropbox, Office365, etc., in offering security and optimization support; Ensures SLA for all SaaS and web apps; Troubleshooting, detecting outages and fixing issues.
Retrace Retrace Developer-oriented cloud management tool; helps developers with code-level app monitoring, app and server metrics, etc.
Aternity Aternity End User Experience (EUE) monitoring tool that is compatible for virtual, desktop and mobile platforms; assesses infrastructure management, end-user experience, and network assessments to ensure the effective performance of overall cloud ecosystem.
Redgate Redgate Best suitable tool for Microsoft, SQL Server and .NET users; helps detect improper database deployments, performs root cause diagnosis and tracks overall server performance; tracks cloud environment’s performance deep to the database level.
Datadog Datadog This app performance monitor offers complete visibility of modern apps in terms of observation, troubleshooting and tracking their execution speeds; easily integrates with hundreds of cloud and software environments; helps analyze and track logs through interactive dashboards
Opsview Opsview Easily monitor public and private clouds together through a single process on customizable dashboards and by advanced metrics; Also helps with SLA reporting.
Logic Monitor Logic Monitor Known for its network monitoring abilities, this tool tracks all components of network infrastructure; provides customizable screening solutions for business servers (small and large), apps, databases, cloud, networks and virtual machines.
PagerDuty PagerDuty Focused on customer experience, this tool holds enterprise-level incident management and reporting abilities; Connects with variety of tracking systems and provides access to advanced analytics; performs advanced analysis and automated resolution activities.
Dynatrace Dynatrace Gives a detailed insight into user experience aspects and business impact while managing both cloud infrastructure and app performance. Powered by AI capabilities, it meets faster installation requirements and analyses user behavior contributing to conversion rates.
Stack Driver Stack Driver Smart service monitoring service for AWS and GCP that performs assessment, logging and diagnosis of apps; metrics, alerts, traces, logs and data and more of all cloud accounts in a single dashboard.
Unigma Unigma Management and monitoring tool that gets metrics from multiple cloud vendors; gives complete visibility of workloads and infrastructure; Helps you visualize cloud expenditure and recommend cost-saving options
Zenoss Zenoss Monitors enterprise deployments across public cloud hosting platforms; possesses cloud tracking and analyzing capabilities of all resources; ensures uptime and over health of all cloud apps

List not exhaustive! There are many such cloud monitoring applications provided by different cloud service providers to meet the individual needs.
Cloud Monitoring Benefits

Cloud Monitoring Benefits

With these number of tools and resources, cloud monitoring offers a wide range of solutions for a safe and secure cloud environment.

Some of the major benefits include:

  • Quick installation backed by infrastructure and configurations in place
  • Host maintains dedicated tools including hardware, relieving burden
  • Scalability through usage of right monitoring tools for changing cloud activity
  • Cost savings for subscription-based solutions without having to bear initial infrastructure or maintenance costs, which are spread across multiple users
  • Local infrastructure issues may not hurt the organizational servers and workstations maintained by the cloud
  • Availability of a wide variety of tools compatible to multiple devices over the network

There are many such ways a cloud services monitoring mechanism can help organizations.

Cloud Monitoring Best Practices

Implementation of right tools and resources can offer many benefits. But the way implementation is done matters a lot.
Cloud Monitoring Best Practices

Here are some best cloud monitoring practices:

  • Identifying key metrics and instances
  • Effective data reporting through single platform
  • Track service usage and expenditure
  • Monitor and enhance user experience through regular feedbacks
  • Ensure rules and services go hand-in-hand for effective utilization of resources
  • Always store monitor data separately from related apps and services, and keep it accessible to related stakeholders
  • It’s always important to test your tools’ performance to ensure they don’t fail when required

It’s time to add an effective ‘Cloud Based Monitoring’ system to your cloud environment.

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