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The government sector has traditionally been one of the top drivers of a nation’s growth, along with other prominent sectors such as ITES, Telecom, BFSI, Infrastructure, Retail and Tourism.

Public services ranging from health to education to infrastructure development require high levels of transparency and accountability from the government and public sector agencies.

The advances in Internet and the propulsion of digital connectivity and e-business models are compelling the public sector to revisit their hierarchical and bureaucratic organizational models.

Increasing customer demands for personalized services and the surge in sustainability issues are driving the fast adoption of technology solutions in this sector.

Major Challenges

Some of the key challenges in the public sector are budget and profitability, management of multiple stakeholders, stringent and complex regulations, data management and widespread prevalence of legacy systems. Governments and public-sector organizations need to have a clear roadmap for IT solutions aimed at improving delivery of services to citizens.

With extensive expertise and years of experience in the government and public sector, Veritis supports global clients by developing tailored solutions that effectively address all their challenges and provide them with a competitive edge. Our services span across Cloud Computing, DevOps, Virtualization and IT Infrastructure Services.

cloud-computingCloud computing services help governments and public sector organizations by significantly altering the way information and services are provided, lowering costs through efficient usage of energy and resources, improving workforce productivity, and enhancing agility and growth.Cloud services facilitate e-governance through which governments can provide efficient and effective services to citizens in a shorter timeframe. According to market forecasts, government agencies will invest over USD 18 billion in cloud computing this year.

The US Government’s Federal Cloud Computing Initiative focuses on transitioning the federal government’s IT infrastructure to web-based IT services and helps agencies in reducing redundant infrastructure, lowering energy consumption, improving data sharing and reducing costs.

The UK Government has initiated a program called Government Cloud Computing or G-Cloud that promotes government-wide adoption of cloud computing for delivering efficient public services.

Many other governments in the developed and developing countries across the world are also actively adopting cloud computing for their information and communications technology applications.

deveops-industryDevOps is experiencing a widespread adoption in the public sector with over 74 percent of the global organizations planning to apply the DevOps processes and tools to their mission-critical systems.Many government organizations are focusing on developing agile workflows integrated with the collaborative techniques of DevOps. Through the DevOps approach, developers and operations staff can collaborate with real-time code and data using synthetic or masked sensitive information that ensures security, a key consideration in all governmental operations.

DevOps not only ensures project delivery on schedule within the planned budgets but also helps in maintaining service quality and meeting customer expectations. It empowers the public sector organizations to better serve citizens in the Digital Age with a service-focused approach, on par with the private sector.

virtualization-servicesThe public sector is increasingly embracing virtualization for major IT projects with over 70 percent of the federal, state and local agencies implementing at least one form of virtualization. By turning to virtualization public sector agencies can not only increase their IT efficiency and agility but also realize significant savings in time and costs.

Many governments across the world are considering the data center server consolidation with virtualization to save money, optimize space utilization and reduce energy consumption.

Some of the significant benefits that virtualization brings to the government sector include ease of administration, virtual server builds that can be replicated in a few hours as opposed to weeks and months earlier, enhanced application performance, and quicker implementation of disaster recovery and system backups.

it_infrastructure_servicesThe rapid technological evolution and the emergence of a multitude of technology platforms and frameworks have led to the need of making IT infrastructure in the government more secure, responsive, scalable and agile. This is accentuated by constraints such as shortening time to market and lowering costs. Infrastructure management services help public sector organizations in streamlining their infrastructure and processes while enhancing productivity and efficiency, optimizing the utilization of allocated budgets, and improving citizen services and overall governance.

These services include among others, data center management and operations, database, server and network administration, and configuration management. They provide government agencies with enhanced visibility into costs, schedules and quality in addition to reducing the project inefficiencies.

Veritis Solutions for the Government Sector

Veritis offers a comprehensive suite of Cloud Computing, DevOps, Virtualization and IT Infrastructure Consulting Services for organizations of all sizes in the government and public sector. We provide end-to-end support for complex applications and mission-critical infrastructure, and enable digital transformation using innovative delivery models with security as the primary focus.

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