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Application Modernization Services

For Applications That Are Future-ready

The industry is evolving rapidly in line with changing consumer behavior. Thus, companies embrace new operating and infrastructure models to address gaps and prepare their IT for emerging market demands.

At this juncture, ‘Application Modernization’ is one crucial aspect that makes a perfect fit and holds high significance in the industry’s transformation journey.

Application Modernization is the most essential ‘demand of the day’ because of the growing need for advanced applications to meet the ever-changing requirements.

Why Application Modernization?

The most common challenges around legacy applications make a strong case for enterprise application modernization, which include:

  • Trouble in making enhancements and introducing new functionalities
  • Complexity and unnecessary maintenance costs
  • Obstacles to the digital transformation journey
  • Business inefficiency

Given these challenges, most companies reach out to application modernization services to see the desired progress.

Application Modernization: A 5-Step Process

Transforming legacy applications to drive agility and efficiency through modern IT is the core of Application Modernization Services. Ideally, these services cut down unnecessary costs and maintenance burdens that legacy or outdated applications might be causing to your organization.

Modernization experts assist IT teams in discovering new strategic and revenue-generating models.

Application Assessment

After gaining a deeper understanding of the current setup, we developed the scope around renewing target apps.

Understanding Requirements

Core business requirements behind the modernization of target apps are derived for further analysis.

App Enhancements

Applications are enhanced for easy maintenance and a secure fit in the highly scalable framework.

Choosing Right Platform

Applications are moved to new, efficient, and cost-saving technology platforms.

App Migration

The new applications are transferred to the core operating environment without disturbing the process chain.

Veritis Application Modernization Offerings

Veritis delivers four key offerings as part of its Application Modernization services, which include:

App Development
App Development

We help you develop new apps for your business requirements and extensions for the cloud.

Legacy to Cloud Migration
Legacy to Cloud Migration

We rehost, re-platform, or re-architect your applications based on your business requirements for a successful migration.

Application Management
Application Management

We use automation techniques for application management for enhanced user experience.

Application Rationalization
Application Rationalization

We rationalize from your list of apps requiring upgrades or cloud migration.

Application Re-engineering
Application Re-engineering

We also help you restore or modify the code and design of existing and long-running applications.

Application Recoding
Application Recoding

We also revive your legacy apps made on outdated technologies with the help of modern programming languages, databases, and process frameworks.

Application Containerization
Application Containerization

We can create isolated app packages out of your apps with the help of containerization technology.

Application Modernization Impact Data and Statistics

ISVs plan to shift from on-premise apps to SaaS
Possible deployment speed with modernization
Possible decline in TCO with modernization efforts
Firms unable to extract data from legacy apps
Firms lack technology expertise for modernization
Improvement in app operation with modernization
More improvement in product quality
More improvement in user satisfaction

Business Benefits You Get!

Veritis Application Modernization services and solutions give you a wide range of business benefits, such as:

  • Well-documented modernization
  • Reduced operational downtime
  • Seamless applications
  • Improved app delivery
  • Easy app modernization and maintenance

Veritis Approach

Veritis ensures the industry-best standards are implemented in all its business deliverables. With more than a decade-long industry presence, Veritis has experts with hands-on experience and subject matter expertise in many game-changer technologies, services, and solutions.

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