Container Technology Services and Tools

A container environment is known for its abilities of high delivery speeds, effective resource utilization and production efficiency in driving applications.


Cloud Computing: A New-Age Solution To High-speed IT Performance And Faster Disaster Recovery

The rise of cloud computing eased critical IT processes, bringing in a new pace of execution and enhanced customer satisfaction.


DevSecOps: An Ultimate Defense To Organization’s Software Security

Technology advanced to the level of self-defense. This nature of technology is clearly reflected in DevSecOps principles, which strive for ‘security integration’ throughout the product lifecycle…


Cloud-based Disaster Recovery Plan

Fast-growing consumer demands have led to the evolution of innovative solutions that can drive business growth.
Along with innovative solutions arrived potential risks posing serious disaster challenges…


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Is your organization compliant to data protection regulations? The GDPR proposed by the European Commission (EC), regulates the processing of personal data relating to individuals in the European Union…


Cloud Computing – Supporting Enterprises Enhance IT Capabilities

Cloud computing can help organizations with adequate amount of storage and processing power. The collaboration, scalability, flexibility and cost effectiveness are some of the advantages that can be realized…


Digital Transformation – Recognizing an opportunity to achieve efficiency-gains

Most organizations are allocating budgets for digital transformation initiatives. The legacy organizations must transform themselves and adopt the changing technologies, processes and skills to operate in…


Information Security – Keeping Up with Cyber-Threats

Today, organizations depend heavily on computers to store sensitive business and customer information and the need for the proper information security system is becoming imperative to address emerging threats…


Business Intelligence – Converting Data into Actionable Insights

Business intelligence is one of the top trending buzzwords in the modern business landscape. Its adoption is rapidly increasing. As businesses generate more data than ever before, it is observed…


DEVOPS – A Successful Path To Continuous Integration And Continuous Delivery

This White Paper details an insight into various underlying concepts and facets of DevOps that strive for Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD), and also answers the key question…

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