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When it comes to technology transforming an industry, automotive is one that immediately strikes one’s mind. Automotive industry has always been at the forefront in adopting every new technology as we see in today’s tech-driven vehicles.

Automotive firms have come a long way in their journey with technology companies and are now partnering with tech giants for more advanced solutions run by high-level technology integration.

More than as vehicles run by fuel, automotive systems like cars have transformed themselves to become smart Internet of Things (IoT) devices with advanced braking systems, predictive analytics, driverless and advanced infotainment capabilities, giving customers an unforgettable experience.

At the next level, the world is eagerly waiting for more advancements such as flying cars, which have already been rolled out in some regions.

Furthermore, the smartphone revolution has made it all at fingertips. We are in a world where a smartphone app controls a vehicle’s capabilities. On the business front, many apps offer services to sell, finance and buy vehicles, making the process more comfortable than before.

In brief, it explains the right technology decision-making means for the automotive industry chain, right from planning and manufacturing to delivering the product to end-users.

Industry ChallengesAdvanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are challenging the automotive industry by pointing at their predictive capabilities that have today become key to personalize the smart driving experience.

IoT added to the challenging scenario by supplementing the demand for smartphone usage over usage of related applications needed to run/manage with advanced features.

Many leading automotive manufacturing giants are already in the process of applying algorithms that can automate processes required to set-up vehicles, manage advanced infotainment systems and application preferences just through data processing.

Besides the developmental process, customer relationship is key to any business, which today majorly relies on database capabilities and continuous end-user support.

In the light of these needs, trending technology solutions that can add to business productivity are undoubtedly a need of the hour for any automotive player or industry as a whole.

Infrastructure Services

While there are many technology firms with a wide range of offerings, choosing the right partner is key to success in today’s smart world.

Quest for an appropriate guide on technology integration gave rise to the concept of consulting in the Information Technology industry.

A right IT consulting partner can help you deploy appropriate technologies that match your business requirements, stay updated with advancements and take on your infrastructure burden to provide you hassle-free solutions.

Veritis is such a client-friendly partner who can assist you in and out on your ever-growing requirements! Veritis range of technology consulting services can keep you abreast and ahead in the competition.

Veritis Consulting can be your one-stop solution for various end-to-end solutions such as:

  • Cloud for smart support
  • Containerization for enhancing and building application efficiency
  • DevOps for seamless integration and continuous delivery
  • Digital Transformation for enhancing your organization’s digital capabilities
  • Disaster Recovery for disaster preparedness
  • IT Infrastructure for hassle-free operations
  • Technology Advisory for developing a perfect IT strategy
  • Virtualization for easing infra burden

We have dealt with reputed firms from a wide range of industry verticals. It’s time you join us to leverage our client-friendly technology-level support.

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