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Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM)

Infrastructure Management Made Efficient and Economical

The distribution of companies across geographies and the involvement of different functional teams from diverse locations has also led to the scattering of IT infrastructure. This eventually led to several challenges in infrastructure management on-premises.

Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) helps centralize IT infrastructure management and ensures greater coordination and ease of maintenance. Support and management of infrastructure-related services such as remote monitoring, security services, desktop and server administration, database administration, etc., fall under the gamut of RIM.

More organizations are adopting RIM in recent times, taking into consideration the numerous advantages of RIM over traditional on-premises IT infrastructure management.

A well-planned RIM strategy can lead to cost savings of 25%-50% in an organization’s spend on IT infrastructure.

What is Remote Infrastructure Management?

Remote infrastructure management refers to the overall management of all elements of enterprise IT infrastructure and resolving relevant issues from a remote location, thus enabling continuous availability. RIM ensures that onsite repairs and maintenance are required only in cases of hardware failure.

RIM services add value to IT systems, improve service availability, increase efficiencies, and reduce costs. Easing infrastructure management, RIM enables IT leaders to focus more on managing labor costs and productivity.

Industries Adopting RIM

RIM is used across industries such as Banking, Financial Services, Insurance (BFSI), healthcare, IT and telecommunication, retail and eCommerce, transportation, etc.

Business Benefits

Organizations can reap an exhaustive range of benefits by adopting RIM.
Some of the major benefits include:

  • Proactive real-time monitoring 24/7
  • Significant cost savings
  • Minimized downtime
  • Risk reduction
  • Higher level of service
  • Greater ROI
  • Consolidated provisioning and management
  • Effective service quality measurement
  • Enhanced productivity

Why Hire RIM Consulting Service Providers

Upgrading IT infrastructure becomes a priority as organizations worldwide scale up. Earlier organizations looking for RIM had to avail of the services by engaging with multiple product vendors and services. However, the evolution of specialized RIM consulting service providers has ensured customized solutions for the companies, driving their focus on core business issues.

Economic advantage is one of the significant advantages of consulting services compared to having a specialized IT department. RIM vendors usually provide a dedicated team for each client account and 24/7 technical support.

RIM consulting service partners carry out infrastructure analysis as part of their services helping in performance improvement by identifying and eliminating issues in an organization’s existing infrastructure. Lack of dependency on internal resources ensures system availability and uptime improvements.

Our Service Offerings

Veritis has deep expertise spanning over a decade in managing complex enterprise IT infrastructure systems. We provide cost-efficient and secure Remote Infrastructure Management Services (RIM) to global enterprises end-to-end.

Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) Service Offerings

Why Veritis?

Veritis provides a broad portfolio of IT Infrastructure services designed to efficiently manage critical and complex IT infrastructure environments. We ensure that the services exactly map with the client’s business requirements with the flexibility to modify them per the changing business needs.

Our integrated RIM consulting services help global customers derive a competitive edge by reducing costs and downtime. Proactively managing the client’s IT infrastructures enables increased service levels, productivity, and growth. Our robust processes ensure consistent application and infrastructure performance.

To explore more about our RIM services, reach us at 972-753-0022 or Email

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