Agriculture and Construction Industry Gets Web Application Development Services

By Veritis

Agriculture And Construction Industry Gets Web Application Development

Client Information

The client is a leading provider of capital goods for the agriculture and construction industry with an experience of almost two centuries. It services more than 100 countries with a workforce exceeding 50,000 employees across the globe.

Client Requirements

The client required a web application development with built-in data security, including authentication and authorization features. And so, the client was keen on engaging a team of professionals with web application development as per industry standards for timely project completion.

Veritis Approach

Veritis team of experts built an application as per client requirements using Angular, .NET and REST services. Since the application will be highly dependent on consumer data, our team has embedded security, and importantly authentication and authorization using OAuth into the framework.

Client Challenge Areas

One of the significant challenges faced during project execution was to engage with different services created by multiple institutions. Additionally, getting them to work together on the same platform was a challenging task. Veritis team had to interact with the different environments to get an understanding of the overall project.

Key Responsibilities Held

Veritis team of experts developed UI using Angular, integrated .NET, setup OAuth and held daily-standups as part of the project. Angular(6), .NET Core 2, OAuth 2, Azure App Service, Azure API Management, Azure Cloud Functions, REST services, GIT and more.

Value Delivered

Veritis team of experts helped the client in executing projects that have been pending for a long time and through its security measures, retained the developed code within the company itself. The client now has a smart-looking web portal that is scalable, easy-to-use and has a safe environment.

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