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DevOps Enterprise Mgmt. Support for Oil and Gas Service Provider


DevOps Enterprise Mgmt

Client Information

The client is an oil and natural gas service provider with core operations in production and exploration activities. The client also has expertise in other related operations including gathering, processing, treating and transportation. With an employee base of more than 4000 personnel, the client is one of the renowned service providers in the oil and natural gas sector.

Client Requirements

The client required a one-stop enterprise content management solution that can ensure effective and easy management of all the data records pertaining to different departments, making them easily searchable as and when required.

This project revolves around DevOps solutions for:

  • Seamless movement from Documentum to OpenText content management system
  • One unified way of managing content for the entire enterprise

Veritis Approach

The project is all about migrating from Documentum to OpenText Content Server. As part of the project, Veritis team of DevOps and other technical experts performed following tasks under its client-centric approach:

  • Establish a document metadata-based rules engine to store and ensure that content can be searched
  • Build a mechanism for department administrators to control the rules engine
  • Integrate with SAP systems for obtaining different configuration items
  • Develop middleware applications to integrate between different internal applications and OpenText

OpenText Enterprise Information Management is one of the most-sought solutions for many IT firms as part of their strategy for full-fledged digital transformation.

Client Challenge Areas

Some of the client’s key challenge areas addressed under this project include:

  • Lack of understanding of OpenText standard practices
  • Migration of documents from the source system
  • Ways to integrate logs from multiple servers and streamline for analysts and department administrators, among others
  • Provide technology competencies in a specialized area like OpenText and augment the same with technology solutions such as Groovy, Spring stack (Spring MVC, Spring JPA, Spring Boot, REST and SOAP services) and Splunk
  • Bringing in agile practices within the entire working group.

Key Responsibilities Held

Association with Veritis Consulting made much difference for the client. Some of the critical responsibilities delivered as part of the include:

  • Solid understanding of Enterprise Content Management space and the key technologies around it
  • Quick learning of key integration pieces that are key to internal operations and the technologies associated with it
  • Easy handling of agile-based teams and reap the related benefits
  • Work very closely with business users, department administrators, analysts, program manager, different internal app owners and IT administrators
  • Handling new team members and bringing them up to speed quickly

Environments Used

OpenText Content Server 10.5, Answermodules 2.2, Java J2EE with Spring stack, Groovy, Cloud Foundry and ELK Stack (Elastic Search, Logstash and Kibana)

Value Delivered

Overall, the Veritis team an all-around DevOps support to the client helping it in its enterprise content management that can boost its operational efficiency and enhance business productivity.

Over the years, our DevOps services and  solutions offered various benefits to clients of different industry verticals:

  • Sustained Software Development
  • Reduced time to market
  • Facilitated Management
  • Elimination of Bottlenecks
  • Reduced costs
  • Enhanced Quality

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