Full-Fledged Infrastructure Automation and Cloud Support to Finance and Insurance Company

By Veritis

Full-Fledged Infrastructure Automation & Cloud Support to Finance and Insurance Company

Client Information

Our client specializes in dealing with the challenges of the insurance, investment and claims industry. With an expertise in managing complex risks and providing expert advice on risk management and financial matters, the company has catered to the needs of a large clientele in about 100 countries and jurisdictions for almost a century.

Client Requirements

The client required a full-fledged IT Infrastructure and Cloud support to automate infrastructure changes, application installation and automate configuration using Ansible on both public and private cloud environment. Additionally, the objective was to automate the installation and configuration of servers and application servers.

Veritis Approach

Understanding the client requirement, the team of Veritis experts offered IT infrastructure solutions that helped the client in increasing the speed and accuracy of their applications, which in turn delivered faster results to their end-customers. Also, the infrastructure environment addressed the concern of silos between the test and production environments which earlier led to code deployment failures and performance issues of different Operating System (OS) packages.

Client Challenge Areas

While trying to implement changes with the help of Ansible, the client had been experiencing issues due to the disparity of internal processes. Additionally, they had to deal with outages in the development environment.

From the experience, the client now understands that not all environments are the same and that they need to consider all possible options that may exist in the infrastructure.

Key Responsibilities Held

  • Implementing best practices to write playbooks
  • Writing Ansible playbooks and creating documentation for changes in infrastructure
  • Writing application and DB playbooks which will automate installation and configuration of application servers as well as DB servers
  • Managing server groups through Ansible Tower
  • Automating container creation using Ansible playbooks
  • Automating the complete build process using ansible playbooks

Environments Used

Ansible, Docker, Ansible Tower, OpenShift were the tools involved in the implementation of the project.

Value Delivered

Veritis Team of developers has helped the client by reducing IT operational pressures and boosting operational effectiveness while reducing the risks in operating and maintaining IT infrastructure by using Ansible and Docker.

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