Infrastructure Automation and Orchestration for Airlines Client with the Enterprise Public Cloud

By Veritis

Infrastructure Automation and Orchestration for Airlines with Public Cloud

Client Profile

One of the world’s largest airlines, the client commenced operations over 80 years ago and presently operates an average of nearly 7,000 flights each day to destinations in more than 50 countries.

Client Requirements

The key requirements were to orchestrate different platforms such as VMware, Cloud, DevOps and IT infrastructure and enable end-to-end, rapid and scalable application deployment for the client’s app teams.

The manual workflow was hampering the infrastructure provisioning and needed to be automated. In addition, broken pipelines and bugs in the tool had to be addressed.

Veritis Approach

Veritis co-engineered Morpheus, application management and orchestration platform, in association with the client for orchestrating the VMware, Cloud, DevOps and IT Infrastructure services.

Morpheus enabled the client to deploy 45x more frequently than earlier through best-in-class integrations.

The Platform as a Service (PaaS) computing model was employed using IBM Cloud (Bluemix) for providing rapid and scalable application deployment functionality for the app teams.


Existing infrastructure had a lot of integration issues as it was not parallel with the state of the art external solutions. Hence, it became necessary to make the functionality inline.

By co-engineering the product with the vendor, Veritis ensured that the functionality worked seamlessly with the infrastructure.

Environment / Technologies / Tools

Morpheus, VMware vSphere 5.5, IBM Cloud (Bluemix), SoftLayer, AWS, Azure, Ansible, Terraform, Docker

Benefits to Client

The association with Veritis helped the client derive multiple benefits including:

  • Faster service delivery
  • Streamlined workflows in both Infrastructure and Cloud layers
  • Lesser downtime
  • Reduced roadblocks
  • Automation of repetitive, time-intensive tasks
  • Increased productivity and efficiency

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