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IT Infra, Virtualization and Cloud Solutions for Healthcare Industry

IT Infra, Virtualization and Cloud Solutions for Healthcare Industry

Client Information

The client is one of the leading players in the global healthcare market with sound expertise in medical and related research. With thousands of field experts as physicians and scientists, full-time research and other health-related personnel, the client holds a decent portfolio and has been serving the industry since more than 100 years. In its path, the company has also been recognized many times as one of the leading healthcare service providers in the global healthcare market.

Client Requirements

The client requirement was basically a mixture of three different technologies services which Veritis holds high expertise in i.e., IT Virtualization, Cloud Computing and IT Infrastructure management services. The project requirement basically involved two tools for internal data management and a high-performance visualization tool.

While the first one is aimed at addition and management of internal data files into Microsoft Azure cloud datalake, the second tool is an effective and interactive high-performance visualization tool for exploring large and integrated datasets.

Veritis Approach

The project has been underway since September 2016 and is making strides with Veritis unique inclusions in line with the client requirements. Veritis approach for this project involved the development of two different tools using different technologies.

  • Easing Data Management: This project is aimed at the replacement of the client’s existing system being used for upload, analyze and transfer of data files to the corresponding directories of research teams. As a process, Veritis team of developers are evaluating a Java-based tool called Apache NiFi to facilitate ingestion, modification and transfer of data.
  • High-performance Visualization Tool:  This project basically involves the development of a high-performance visualization tool that supports a wide variety of data types including array-based, next-generation data and related annotations. This tool is basically a third-party software used for visualizing large and integrated datasets. The client implemented their own security module for this tool and Veritis team of experts are offering their related assistance supporting this tool.

Overall, our team of experts have built several proof of concepts to evaluate tools like Apache NiFi for data ingestion and other requirements, thus providing full-fledged support to both the Java-based applications.

Challenge Areas

Veritis and its client had to go through a series of tough challenges for the successful progress of the project.

Key challenge areas Veritis team encountered include:

  • Troubleshooting the issues in the process of data management
  • Latency in file upload
  • Costs associated with the tools
  • Supporting the tools
  • Security

Whereas, the client faced business challenges in case of:

  • Application Support
  • Troubleshooting associated with the existing system
  • Costs for Microsoft Azure data transfer between blob storage and data lake
  • Latency in file uploading
  • Speed/performance

Environments Used:

Wide range of technology environments used for this project include IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, Apache Nifi, Microsoft Azure, IGV, Elastic Search, Java, Spring MVC, Maven, JavaScript, HTML 5, W3.css, AngularJS, Packet Sender, Postman, VMware Horizon Client, SQL Developer, Linux server, WebSphere and Team Foundation Server(TFS).

Value Delivered

Overall, Veritis team of experts addressed the client’s requirements with regard to latency in file upload, troubleshooting, application support, upgrading and security.

Veritis service offerings provided the client with budget-friendly solutions that ensured good information to choose the right tool and provided several solutions that can address the client’s concerns with their existing system.

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