IT infrastructure and Virtualization Support in Auto Insurance Application

By Veritis

IT Infra & Virtualization Support

Client Information

Client is one of the world’s leading global auto insurance service providers for government and associated departments. With a wide consumer base of more than 10 million, the client covers more than 15 million automobiles.

Client Requirements

The client required a full-fledged IT infrastructure solutions and Virtualization consulting support to enhance key in-house service application for business process management.

Veritis Approach

Veritis team of technical experts assisted the client in its customer-friendly web platform on the front end, development, implementation of the business rules and interaction with disparate systems: mainframe, web services, Oracle, and legacy Smalltalk applications.

In the process, the team used Java-based open-source application server runtime, scripting (Shell or Python, Perl, among others) and Splunk platforms.

Besides, Veritis UNIX/LINUX system administrators performed troubleshooting tasks in a timely manner.

Client Challenge Areas

Some of the key challenges addressed as part of the project include:

  • Setting up a fully-functional workspace for Dev/Production branches using various tools like Eclipse and Perforce on SuSE Linux VMs. This workspace was used by multiple teams in preparing Prod Release version.
  • Integrating/merging code changes from change list to the production build using Perforce tool.
  • Analyzing and routing the issues found in all the Development to Production environments to appropriate team in the defined Service Level Agreements (SLA).

Key Responsibilities Held

Some of the key responsibilities held in this project are:

  • Linux system administration support
  • Software configuration management and infrastructural support
  • Continuous build and Integration support using Jenkins
  • Create/merge release branch in Perforce and integrate code changes into the respective branch
  • Analyze high volume of data and logs using Splunk and JBoss application server
  • Critical performance and networking, analyzing issues using DYNATRACE and RTVIEW
  • Identify fallouts after every release to improve the process
  • Provide production support for troubleshooting issues related to server configuration and deployment

Environments Used

Technologies: Java, Bash script, SQL, Oracle

  • Source controller – Perforce
  • Build tool – Maven and Ant
  • Issue tracking tool – JIRA and Fisheye
  • CI/CD – Jenkins
  • Deployment tool – HPSA and Run deck
  • Monitoring tools – Splunk, Dynatrace, and RTView
  • Database – DbVisualizer and Mongo DB
  • Others – Putty (Remote login to UNIX/Linux Servers)

Value Delivered

Overall, Veritis consulting helped the client address:

  • Key customer-specific application issues
  • Automated application health checks for all the application environments to ensure both application and environmental issues are proactively addressed
  • Implement property overrides on production app servers and dealing with the concerns arising out of the manual process on each individual application servers
  • Automating the processes by implementing and automatically staging the properties on the build server, easing tasks for the administrator to update all application servers at a go.

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