IT Infrastructure Solutions for Energy Industry

By Veritis

IT Infrastructure Solutions for Energy Industry

Client Information

The client is one of the leading municipally-owned energy and natural gas providers. With an experience spanning more than 150 years, it has been providing efficient electricity solutions and is a part of social causes that cater to the society in general, the education, employment, and the oil and natural gas sectors. The client has serviced about 100,000 electric customers and close to 350,000 natural gas customers.

Client Requirements

As part of the client requirement, Veritis team of IT Infra experts are involved in an ongoing new project “myID2” with the objective of deploying new applications such as SAP Hana, IBM WAS, and others. Being part of the build team, our team’s primary task is to customize Linux servers as per the application requirement and support all activity related to the build until it is deployed into the production stage.

Additionally, our client requirement also includes a reduction of two of the four available data centers. Veritis personnel is assisting the client by migrating the existing systems to the remaining data centers. Veritis is also taking up and resolving tickets for the Dev and Prod environments.

Veritis Approach

Veritis team of experts are overseeing infrastructure customization and maintenance, which includes tailoring Linux servers to implement database management applications into the system and supporting build-related activity until deployment.

Client Challenge Areas

The client experienced a shortage of resources for the Build team, which led to postponing multiple projects. During this period, the server builds and related support activities were badly neglected. With the Veritis team onboard, server tasks and requests are being taken care of and projects are progressing at the expected speed.

Key Responsibilities Held

The following are the key responsibilities being held by our experts:

  • Assisting in gathering requirements for server builds
  • Building Linux (mainly Red Hat, Ubuntu) as per the requirements
  • Installing and configuring necessary applications and components (Some of which are configuring oracle ASM disks for Oracle server, configuring JAVA, Splunk, etc.)
  • Providing all the required support after the server is handed to the application team
  • Extending continuous support until the server is being utilized by the application team and deployed in the production environment
  • Working on assigned service tickets, which may be related to Dev, QA and Prod environments

Environments Used

Main Tools include VMware, vCenter for server builds, Cherwell Service Management for service tickets, Red Hat Satellite Server and Infoblox.

Value Delivered

Veritis team of IT Infra experts are actively involved in customizing the IT framework to introduce the database applications and oversee migration works. The team is also assisting in servicing tickets raised by Dev and Prod environments. Overall, Veritis is offering a full-fledged client IT Infrastructure services support to the client.

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