Veritis Suite of Services for Road Operations Industry

By Veritis

IT Services for Road Operations Industry

Client Information
The client is one of the leading road operations companies with more than 20 years of industry presence. It has a track record of servicing government clients and providing state-of-the-art transport solutions to a large clientele.

Client Requirements
As part of the project, the client required IT Infrastructure Consulting, IT Virtualization Solutions, Cloud and DevOps support to provide tolling as a service to its end-users. Veritis addressed this by supporting the infrastructure on-premise and the Cloud, writing scripts to automate processes and maintaining AD and Exchange servers, among other workflows.

Veritis Approach
Veritis team of IT experts provided a whole range of services that helped the client in building it’s tolling services into their infrastructure framework. The process involved working on BAU (Business As Usual) activities and projects that enhanced extended capabilities to the existing infrastructure.

Client Challenge Areas
Veritis experts had to take extra care in catering to BAU activities and working on projects involving the enhancement of extended capabilities to the existing infrastructure.

Key Responsibilities Held
Veritis teams of experts were actively involved in supporting the on-premise and Cloud infrastructure, implement automation, maintaining AD & Exchange servers and working with the BOS System, among other tasks.

Environments Used
Linux Administration, Virtualization, AWS, Ansible, Puppet, Git, and Jenkins

Value Delivered
Veritis provided the client with a complete range of IT services that enabled them to implement tolling services as an online service, making it easy for them to maintain and manage its existing road networks.