DevOps Before Vs After Scenario (Infographic)

Drive your company’s success with the mighty DevOps approach! Be a witness to improved collaboration between Development and Operations teams, speedy execution, reduced operational costs, rapid deployment of state-of-the-art applications and much more.

Are you still debating on DevOps adoption? Take a look at our DevOps Before Vs. After scenario infographic below to see how you can deploy this powerful mechanism to your company’s benefit.

Judge from industry-leading metrics to see how DevOps is changing the face of the modern-day organizational structure.

DevOps Before Vs After Scenario IT Infographic


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Before DevOps Vs After DevOps Implementation

Before DevOps After DevOps
Miscommunication Between Dev and Ops Teams Improved Collaboration
Absence of DBAs in Release Cycles Collaborative Customer Feedback and Optimization
Haphazard Code Execution Speedy Execution
Delayed Software Deployments Rapid Delivery
Constant Monitoring of Application Maintenance and Performance Sustained Software Development
Operational Costs Reduced Costs
Lack of Scope for Innovation Improved innovation
Low Failure Recovery Rate Reduced outages
Lack of Security Security Integration (DevSecOps)
No scope for Continuous Integration Continuous Integration

DevOps Success Rate:

Post DevOps incorporation, code is deployed 30X more frequently and the failure rate is reduced by less than 50%

Comparative Analysis of DevOps Trends in 2018 and 2019:

Activity 2018 2019
Software firms worldwide fully adopted DevOps 17% 20%
Companies began their DevOps journey 25% 30%
Firms never heard of DevOps 3% 2%
Companies adopted some aspects of DevOps principles 90% 93%

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