Chef Consulting Services

Meet the Effortless Infrastructure with High Visibility
Chef Consulting Services

Embracing on DevOps journey? Then, faster software delivery and high innovation rate need a special mention. The DevOps CI/CD mechanism prepares organizations for a new and speedy software development lifecycle built on cultural transformation and DevOps best practices.

Various open-source platforms, tools and resources and more are part of this journey to support automation and other crucial aspects of DevOps journey. Above all, it’s the effortless infrastructure that makes the path easier for seamless development, testing and production cycles. And, Chef can be your savior for all this, easing infrastructure and driving innovation at a new pace.

The DevOps transformation on the back of Chef yields impressive results, eventually increasing your product delivery speeds, reducing costs and minimizing the time-to-market.

‘Chef’ in Brief

Whether you are looking to innovate at a faster rate, ensure standardized security, create a dynamic or flexible software infrastructure, Chef can be your one-stop solution!

As a popular automation platform or DevOps tool, Chef helps you build a flexible infrastructure that accelerates organizational ability to adopt high-value technologies and deliver applications in no time, on any platform.

Chef Services

How ‘Chef Solution’ Works?

Chef holds a special place among various other DevOps tools and resources available today. What makes it different is its ability to help build compact, immutable artifacts that overcome run-time failures and are deployable in cloud, on-premises, or any other platform.

Built for DevOps firms, Chef Automation facilitates the creation and operation of dynamic software infrastructure across multiple environments and platforms. With high flexibility and scalability, it aids organizations in easily build, deploy and manage infrastructure, applications and compliance.

Providing centralized operational visibility for multiple teams, Chef Enterprise enables high collaboration among developers, operations and security experts helping them deliver application and infrastructure at a new speed. It also provides real-time, actionable insights that help perform at scale across multiple data centers.

A well-composed Chef solution takes three forms to help you in:

Infrastructure Automation

Infrastructure Automation

Chef Automate for automated configuration management for stable configurations

Application Automation

Application Automation

Chef Habitat for empowering legacy apps and implementing continuous delivery practices

Security Automation

Security Automation

Chef Inspec for early detection of security risks prior to the production phase

Chef also adds to the success of container solutions by simplifying the tasks for Kubernetes. It abstracts an application from the underlying OS and bundles with all its dependencies, thus addressing complexities in a container environment.

Chef Habitat helps build and improve the quality of containers. It saves time and effort required for the deployment and maintenance of containers in Kubernetes. Chef-Kubernetes collaboration offers enhanced portability, improved efficiency and ensures continuous compliance.

Chef offers more such interesting features that improve your organizational DevOps journey.

Veritis For Chef Consulting

Veritis has been one of the early adopters of Chef services.

Our team of chef developers and chef automation experts boost your organization’s infrastructure abilities, making it more robust and flexible.
Implementing DevOps best practices, we prepare you for a fully continuous delivery mechanism and drive you for further innovation.

From improving infrastructure visibility to enhancing DevOps collaboration, Veritis Chef services offer you a wide range of business benefits such as:

Chef DevOps Workflow
  • Easy configuration management
  • A unified understanding of compliance requirements
  • Built-in deployment and management abilities
  • Efficient auditing
  • Real-time analytics
  • Improved collaboration
  • Effective cloud management
  • Easy DevOps integration
  • Actionable insights
  • Server management

With active operations in the US IT consulting industry for more than a decade, we have been serving many Fortune 500 firms in various US locations including Texas, Irving, Dallas, Austin, Houston and more. Wait no more on Chef implementation!

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