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DevOps Automation Service
Fast-growing consumer demand driven by the advent of digital solutions led to the replacement of critical machines with technology-driven smart solutions. Now, the world is witnessing the next stage of such smart solutions in the form of Automation!

More than a trend, Automation has become a need of the hour for many firms. Many firms are looking at it as a key driver of trending technology solutions they deploy on board.

One such technology trend that gave due attention to Automation is DevOps, which eventually became popular as ‘DevOps Automation’.

Automation, Vital for DevOps

DevOps is no doubt a viral technology trend across firms, globally. And, if one has to see the true potential of DevOps, then Automation is vital.

There are four paths that basically define organizations’ success through DevOps implementation, which include: Steer inefficiency, Develop/Test, Deploy and Operate.

  • The first two phases transform the way firms operate from process-based to product-based and finally towards optimized development process.
  • Then comes the third and fourth stages i.e. automated deployment and effective operation with Automation as the driving force, accelerating the overall development process in a fast and smart way.

DevOps automated deployment involves ‘process automation’ that takes the organizational DevOps transition to the next level ensuring enhanced transparency, quick releases and easing further deployment.

Business Benefits of DevOps

Why Process Automation?

Process automation across the software process chain ensures effective resource utilization and timely deliveries. 60 percent fewer IT failures due to DevOps as more stable operating environments are provided.

As a balancing act, automation services also help firms enhance their developers’ productivity by minimizing manual burden, reducing chances of failure facilitating automated testing procedures and managing other tasks across the cross-project requirements.

This eventually leads to Continuous Delivery (CD) and Continuous Integration (CI) with scalability and compliance with standards in place.

DevOps Automation Services provides organizations with the following benefits:

  • Elimination of recurring action items enabling staff to focus on value addition
  • Increased deployment rate for new software releases
  • Reduction of ongoing operational cost
  • Establishment of standard ‘error-free’ work environments
  • Reduction of reliance on a single source or teams

Veritis DevOps Automation Consulting Services

Choosing the Right Partner

While finding a right technology is one key to success, choosing a right partner who can help in successful implementation of the chosen solutions is another key option that many companies are looking at for gaining a competitive edge. You don’t have to worry, Veritis is right here!

With a sound expertise in advanced technology consulting services, Veritis offers integrated solutions that drive your pace of deployment.

With a proven experience in dealing with all-around DevOps Services, Veritis offers a wide variety of DevOps automation services that facilitate automation in the DevOps-driven process chain.

Under DevOps automation consulting, Veritis helps you automate:

  • Infrastructure provisioning
  • Software releases
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Core security tasks
  • Compliance policies and configuration management techniques

For ensuring these services, we use market’s trending automation tools and platforms such as Puppet, Docker, Jenkins, Travis and TeamCity, among others.

Do you know? Automation played a key role in driving deployment and infrastructure processes across firms with 66 percent and 57 percent contributions respectively, thus driving organizations’ overall success through DevOps implementation.

What are you waiting for? Dive-in to Veritis DevOps automation.

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