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Separating Desktop Environment and Application Software from the Physical DeviceDesktop Virtualization Services

An Introduction to Desktop virtualization

Desktop virtualization or client virtualization is a technology that separates a user’s applications from the desktop. Hosting of the virtualized desktops is done on a remote central server instead of the hard drive of the personal computer, with the users connected through a LAN, WAN or over the Internet.

Desktop virtualization services make end-user computing environments more secure, reliable and easier to support. By running desktops as virtual machines on a server, all desktop user environments can be managed and secured in one central location. Hardware or software upgrades, along with patches and other security measures can be taken up with lesser overhead costs.

Business Benefits of Desktop IT Virtualization Consulting Services

Veritis Desktop Virtualization services ensure end-to-end transformation for customers through the provision of phase-wise solution accelerators that enable seamless adoption. We undertake effective user profile assessment, which includes the demarcation of different users on the basis of their application requirements, usage profile and data access methods.

We focus on anticipating scalability requirements and managing performance through a detailed step-by-step process that includes assessment, architecture, sizing, build and management. Our service-oriented implementation approach delivers complete transformation to the end-user workspace environment.

Our Desktop Virtualization solutions deliver several tangible benefits such as:

  • Simplified IT: We reduce IT complexity by centralizing desktop management and automating common tasks
  • Enhanced productivity: Our solution ensures increased business mobility and employee productivity without compromising security
  • Security and compliance: We deliver remote access while complying with privacy, compliance and risk management guidelines
  • Cost savings: Simplification of desktop and data management ensures increased cost savings
  • Ease of maintenance: Virtualized desktops enable easier desktop maintenance

Veritis Expertise

Veritis has a team of industry experts with extensive experience in delivering desktop virtualization consulting services and solutions for both SMBs and large organizations.

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