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Abstracting computing resources from the software that uses those resources

Hardware Virtualization ServicesAn Introduction to Hardware Virtualization

Hardware virtualization refers to the technology of consolidating multiple small physical servers into a large physical server for the efficient usage of the processor. This involves the embedding of virtual machine software into a server’s hardware component.

The processor, memory and other components are controlled by a hypervisor or Virtual Machine (VM) monitor that allows different operating systems to run on the machine without any source code requirement.

The virtual machines can interact with hardware without requiring any intermediary action from the host operating system.

Hardware virtualization is essentially used for performance optimization utilizing the multiple virtual machines that interact with the same hardware platform.

Business Benefits of Hardware Virtualization Consulting Services

Veritis hardware virtualization services include full IT virtualization where the hardware architecture is completely simulated, emulation virtualization where the virtual machine simulates the hardware, and para-virtualization where the hardware is not simulated, and the guest software runs its own isolated system.

Our solutions enable you to derive several benefits such as:

  • Reduced costs: Server consolidation lowers the overall costs as multiple operating systems co-exist on a single hardware platform, reducing the number of servers, rack space and power consumption.
  • Efficient resource utilization: Virtual machines can share physical resources. Unused resources allocated to one virtual machine can be utilized by another virtual machine if required.
  • Increased uptime: Maximizing of the hardware abstraction by the hypervisors ensures increased uptime
  • Increased IT flexibility: Quick deployment of server resources ensures quick adaptability of IT and consistent management of resources
  • Dynamic migration: Advanced hypervisors help in migrating VM dynamically from one host to another.

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