How to Identify the Right Strategic Technology Advisory Partner?

By Veritis

How to Identify the Right Strategic Technology Advisory Partner?

The ever-changing market scenario can present many challenges to a firm, testing its ability to maintain a base in an evolving environment.

Technology Disruption is one of such many challenges! Among the many challenges that a firm faces, the primary challenge is disruption from technology. Companies struggle with this challenge and must quickly adapt to newer technologies to maintain market presence and increase market share.

Here is the list of capabilities that a Strategic Technology Advisory Service can offer to your business.

Many organizations are turning to strategic technology partnerships with the aim to stay updated with current technological trends and above the competition, as their primary business growth strategy.

Strategic Technology Advisory Services (STAS) Capabilities:

Strategic Technology Advisory Services (STAS) Capabilities

1) Architecture Backed by Strategy

With an eye on business growth, strategy focused on architecture seeks to increase the ROI on technology and operations investments. The purpose of strategic technology advisory is to align technology initiatives with business strategy and transformation agendas. Strategic advisory partners work with senior executive teams to learn factors that drive business growth, design strategies and roadmaps.

2) Advisory that Drives Transformation and Integration:

Strategic technology advisory partners use deep delivery knowledge and cutting-edge methods to plan and execute transformation initiatives. Through transformation and integration, technology advisors help firms achieve business objectives, reduce risks and enable long-term success.

3) Advisory for Infrastructure and Operations

A strategic technology advisory provides firms with insights on industry best practices, thus helping them to utilize their own IT infrastructure and operational abilities. These services aim to derive IT value, increase delivery capability, create converged IT infrastructure, optimize operations, increase scalability for the organization and avoid risk through resilience-driven support.

4) Emerging Technology and Innovation

Strategic technology services connect companies with emerging technologies such as business process automation and cloud to achieve the desired business goals and, keep up with the changing market trends. The services seek to bring about technological innovation and strengthen the coordination between business and technology.

With the right strategic technology partner, a company can enjoy a competitive edge alongside meeting customer expectations.

Let’s take a look at some additional benefits of engaging a strategic technology partner:

additional benefits of engaging a strategic technology partner

  • Expertise and Knowledge: Strategic technology advisors have a versatile experience with different industries and technology solutions. Technology advisory firms keep themselves updated with new technologies as and when developed. Their knowledge helps them discern which platforms and applications will bring the best outcomes for their customers.
  • Networks: Technology partners are connected with a range of resellers, organizations and enterprises across industries. This very hold in the market helps them service their clients with required technologies for business growth. Moreover, they stand out owing to their ability to negotiate prices upon customer needs, which is not possible for customers alone to negotiate.
  • Resource Allocation: Be it sales, services or technical professionals, technology partners provide resources in line with enterprise needs.

How to identify the Strategic Technology Partner?

Looking for a strategic technology advisory partner? Here’s a questionnaire that will help you ease the task:

  • Do they cover the services and technology types that your organization needs?
  • Do they serve businesses located in your company’s region?
  • Do they assist with and provide all the solutions in your company’s portfolio, including back-end infrastructure, client solutions, software or hardware?
  • Do they provide all these services cost-effectively, allowing your company to divert precious financial resources for other important business needs?

In a nutshell, technology advisory utilizes a firm’s cross-functional capabilities, technology experience, market knowledge and global presence to create strategically-driven solutions for every business’ success.

With offerings including business process reengineering, mergers and acquisitions, enterprise data management strategy and strategic technology advisory services, we provide companies an all-round support to maintain a firm base in a constantly evolving business environment.

On the hunt for a reliable strategic technology partner? Your search ends at Veritis!

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