Disaster Recovery Services for Universities

By Veritis

Disaster Recovery on Education

Client Information
The client is a reputed US-based educational institution with a century-old track record of providing quality education to aspiring students in the region. With a variety of courses ranging from majors, undergraduate, professional-specific and study-abroad programs pertaining to food, health and the environment, the institute prepares students in alignment with the requirements of the current employment industry.

Client Requirements
The client required a secure environment to deal with off-site data storage and data exchange without over-burdening the network, unlike traditional methods where encrypted hard drives had to be taken care of by IT personnel. To address this concern, the client needed a permanent solution that would address both its storage and security concerns.

Veritis Approach
Veritis team of experts helped the client by setting up a secure system that enables the user to have remote access to servers and data. In case of a disaster, the client will be able to fully retrieve data on the server. By automating back-up process and reducing the time taken for the given process, Veritis team reduced the client’s additional burden of manually backing up data over long hours.

Part of AWS implementation, cloud services integrated EC2, EBS, RDS, S3, S3-IA, Glacier, SES, SNS.

Client Challenge Areas
Veritis team had a challenging time in setting up a server with security in the absence of a secure data backup site. The team held discussions with the client’s IT team to understand previous practices, build a blueprint accordingly and initiate a proper back-up process with security, while ensuring running backups at a time when the systems were not in use.

Key Responsibilities Held

  • Understanding the framework of the organization storage and security practices, and holding daily meetings to schedule collaborated working
  • Monitoring server performance to check automatic back up
  • Identifying and fixing bugs that interfere with the processes
  • Ensuring the timely finishing of the backup process to avoid interference with regular business operations
  • Directing the client’s personnel to ensure resource availability for smooth project execution

Value Delivered
Veritis team of experts worked successfully with the university’s ITS to ensure a well-protected back-up system with remote password-protected access. With Veritis’ support, the client has successfully created a system that provides ample storage for bulk data and eliminates the need exchange of data over a network.