IT Infrastructure Support to Telecom Service Provider

By Veritis

IT Infrastructure Support to Telecom Service Provider

Client Information
The client is a multinational telecommunications service provider. Hailing from the telecommunications and mass media industry background, the client has been actively into mobile, digital media, broadband, fixed line, telematics, Internet of things, among other key services. It has an employee base of more than 100,000 personnel.

Client Requirements
Client required an all-round IT infrastructure consulting support to offer uninterrupted services to its wide range of consumer base using its TV applications in real-time.

Veritis Approach
As part of the project requirement, Veritis team of IT infrastructure experts including:

  • Tier-3 support specialists identified the client’s application-side issues impacting the customer service and also analyzed the logs from the end-user devices to find the root cause.
  • After identifying the concerning issues, Veritis team of technical experts escalated the same to the development team for further analysis to implement a fix to address the issue.

Client Challenge Areas

Some of the key challenges addressed include:

  • Application crash while resuming the download of a movie
  • Addressing of application playback issues caused due to switching networks.
  • Error while adding customer preferences to the application service

Key Responsibilities Held
Veritis team of technical experts performed various key responsibilities as part of the project.

Some of them are:

  • Monitor, analyze, troubleshoot and implement corrective actions of delivery systems
  • Work with Development teams to resolve ongoing bugs related to services
  • Communicate with front-line support groups and in some instances, with the customer to triage bugs/issues
  • Resolve network problems and outages.
  • Work with network team to improve network performance
  • Fix communication issues between the router and mobile devices using Genie API
  • Use IT management dashboards to monitor the file systems memory and service alerts
  • Monitor authentication-related dashboard for alerts on Content Delivery Network (CDN) errors, processing errors and Quality of Experience (QoE) errors
  • Monitor and configure performance tools within industry’s leading IT management tools

Environments Used
ONT, Unicast/Multicast, QoS, QoE, Home-Routers, CDN, Medius, Science Logic, Callsign, Solarwinds, Graphana, Logstash, Kibana, Splunk, PVT, TCP/IP, DNS and FTP

Value Delivered
Veritis team of experts played a vital role in finding key issues that are impacting service and escalated for quick fix, thus stopping an issue turning into an outage. Our service also helped the client increase their application reliability mitigating the streaming issues, making their services customer-friendly.

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