Marketing Solutions Provider Adopts ‘DevOps’

By Veritis

Marketing Solutions Provider Adopts DevOps

Client Profile

One of the fastest growing marketing solutions company headquartered in the United States. The company is committed to provide marketing solutions to the local companies enabling them to quickly grow their business. It offers a spectrum of marketing solutions, such as Search Engine Optimization, Websites, Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Marketing among others.

Key Requirements

Adopting a collaborative approach for software development and speeding up delivery through integrated processes and continuous delivery.

Business Challenges

In today’s world, companies are becoming more demanding due to high competition and faster delivery needs. Slow software development times and poor product quality are among the major problem areas.

To alleviate these issues, the client needed to accelerate its application development process and enhance product quality.

There was a lack of proper coordination between the development and the operations teams. Hence, it was essential to create a collaborative relationship between the teams.

There were several application issues in production and test environments which needed to be resolved. The complex technical routines had to be simplified and the production environments had to be standardized.

Our client also faced the challenge of migrating the servers from one data center to another and the management of the cloud deployments.

In addition, the following requirements also needed to be addressed:

  • Maintaining the versions of the committed code.
  • Monitoring network, server, and logs.
  • Reducing bug fixing time and effort.
  • Managing configuration files for multiple applications.

Veritis Approach

The team from Veritis worked with the client’s functional and project teams in implementing continuous integration and continuous delivery processes. All efforts were made to remove the barriers between the different teams involved in software development and a collaborative relationship between the teams was established.

This led to the elimination of all the devops bottlenecks thereby enabling continuous operation of the build and test systems.

Veritis guided the client’s team in writing shell scripts for performing the pre- and post-build operations in a Continuous Integration (CI) server in order to overcome the failures. Repetitive tasks were automated thereby freeing up the client team’s time, which allowed them to focus on quality software development.

By optimizing the workflow management, the Veritis team could ensure greater efficiency in communication and coordination. Additionally, all application issues in production and test environments were resolved, specifically those pertaining to space alerts and service down alerts. Production bug fixes were prioritized based on their impact and the bug fixing time and effort were minimized.

DevOps automation tools like Maven and Jenkins were used for managing the project’s build, reporting and documentation. A source code management tool and a version control system were used to maintain the versions of the committed code.

A monitoring tool was leveraged for the network, server and log monitoring. Veritis also helped the client in managing their cloud deployments and in the migration of their servers from one data center to another along with the Solaris to Linux migration.


The Veritis DevOps solution led to the client experiencing improved transparency, communication and collaboration across teams. This further enabled the faster deployment, accelerated software delivery and improved quality.

The solution also led to the realization of a reliable and stabilized operating environment.

Other benefits that resulted from the client’s association with Veritis included:

  • Improved and quick detection of defects.
  • Automation of repetitive tasks that provided more time for innovations.
  • Reduced deployment failures and rollbacks.
  • Reduced time to recover from failures.

Environment / Technologies / Tools

GIT, SVN, Maven, Solaris, Linux, Puppet, Foreman, Nexus, Tomcat, Jenkins, AWS, Splunk

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