Secure Cloud Storage Enabled for Petcare Enterprise

By Veritis

Secure Cloud Storage Enabled for Petcare Enterprise

Client Information

Petcare sector has become quite massive, with people rearing more pets than ever. Be it due to the pandemic-induced trying times or purely out of love, people are going out of their way by bringing a pet into their fold. From dogs to fish, there are various pets that people have always been inclined to adopt. However, like any aspect of this world, they need maintenance and efforts to tune them to our frequencies. Due to the busy lives and inexperience of most of us on this front, these training and well-being aspects are outsourced to trainers.

As alluded to, this training aspect requires experience, and a Californian company decided to set up training courses for animal lovers who aspire to take up pet training as their profession. The company decided to become future-proof by migrating its data to cloud storage. From their online courses to the instructional videos, the company had a lot of information that had to be transitioned from their traditional on-premises file storage to cloud storage. Veritis stepped into the picture and helped them switch to the cloud without any transitioning hiccups.

Client Requirements

The client came forth with the requirements to implement a secure cloud solution to foster swift file sharing and access. Along with those requirements, the existing data had to be shifted to cloud storage. Riding on the tailcoats of these needs were data management requires, such as the ability to manage groups and regulate group-based access to the cloud-hosted data repository.

Client Challenge Areas

The client’s profile meant many new people would join their programs. The client’s staff had to be trained on file sharing, such as online learning materials and access management. While these aspects appear to be easy, this was a challenge that the client faced as the organization was running on traditional operational models.

Another challenge was that the client required access to the data during the migration, and Veritis ensured access to the client. While creating the groups based on the storage, Veritis’s team installed individual cloud storage accounts on the Windows File Explorer programs. However, there would always be those who would love to fall back on the traditional on-site file storage. This is a potential security flaw, and Veritis overcame that by coming up with a cut-off date for using on-premises file storage.

Value Addition

Collaboration was a crucial element in their business operations, requiring a solution compatible with this aspect. Keeping this in mind, Veritis identified cloud storage as the apt solution as it gels best with the innovation-fostering Office 365 suite. In addition, our top-notch solution gave the client seamless access to Microsoft Office applications and intelligent cloud services, which were protected by world-class security.

Veritis Approach

The team of experts at Veritis started by providing the client with proof of concept of how the cloud storage solution would work. After dispelling the doubts and shedding light on how the migration would work, Veritis proceeded with the testing of the concept and gathered facts relevant to the solution execution. These facts encompassed system information, file share access, and the Enterprise Identity Service. With this concrete information in hand, Veritis paved the way for creating groups that made the users privy to the files they were cleared to access.

While that is half the battle won, seamlessness is what Veritis aimed at, and it achieved that goal by testing the solution rigorously. File sharing initial scans were viewed for errors and flaws which would impede the migration. The development team chipped away at the unwanted aspects after the initial scans came in. An advanced solution took shape after Veritis ingrained the solution with privileged access permissions for individuals.

Environments Used

Microsoft 365, OneDrive. To facilitate the flawless migration, Migration Manager was used.

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