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Digital evolution and changing technology trends have impacted almost every industry, right from highly technology-driven industries to those running on traditional operations. One such industry that has seen a wide range of transformation from being offline-driven to digital-driven is the Real Estate industry.

The advent of digital platforms like eCommerce and website development have changed the way real estate industry operates. Now, looking out for any real estate property is all at your fingertips!

Technological innovation and mobile revolution have further added to the advancements in the industry by contributing to the development of smart technologies like IoT, Cloud, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Automation, and Machine Learning.

Resultant is what we see today: Smart homes, virtual reality home tours, instant street view and realty search sites driven by Big Data and Machine Learning capabilities and others.

Industry ChallengesConsumer demands keep growing with advancements in every industry and real estate is no exception to this. If we look at the current scenario of the real estate industry, enhanced property search and demand for smart solutions are among the key factors that are changing the industry phase.

Developing such solutions requires efficient technology deployment, and choosing the right solution that matches your requirement from the widely available options is a major challenge.

However, advanced technology deployment is not enough to meet the growing consumer demands and maintain a consumer base. Continuous delivery of services and quality matter a lot to stand ahead in the competition, which also needs infrastructure push along with technology.

Don’t have to worry about it! IT consulting business has made it easier for you to find a technology solution that matches your business requirements.

infrastructure servicesChoosing from a wide range of options is one phase where everyone gets stuck. Among a wide variety of options available today, Veritis IT consulting could be an option of your choice!

With expertise in dealing with advanced technology solutions like Clouds, DevOps, Virtualization and IT Infrastructure, Veritis has served various industry verticals over decades including some of the leading real estate players.

While some approached us for application development, some reached us for infrastructure services that support their logistics and operations, among various others for technology environment migration, network support and other services.

As a client-friendly IT consulting partner with vast expertise in offering effective technical and technological solutions, Veritis offers you:

  • Cloud services can help you with the application development that can maximize your productivity, reducing time-to-market. Read More
  • Containerization services can deliver highly portable applications in short timelines, giving higher productivity. Read More
  • DevOps services can help you in continuous deployment and quality product delivery by filling gaps between your development and operations teams. Read More
  • Digital Transformation services can add digital capabilities to business and operating models for better user experience. Read More
  • IT Infrastructure services can help you manage both front-end and back-operations and gain full control over your technology stack.Read More
  • Technology Advisory Services can develop a perfect IT strategy for technology decision-making and planned IT expenditure. Read More
  • Virtualization services can minimize your infrastructure costs, enhance productivity, reduce workloads, and add to your energy consumption. Read More

What are you waiting for you? Get the Veritis best-in-class technology solutions to maximize your productivity and ensure Return on Investment (ROI).

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