IT Infrastructure Services for Retail Industry

By Veritis

IT Infrastructure Services for Retail Industry

Client Information

The client is one of the leading retail supplier of agriculture products. It supplies fresh quality fruits & vegetables and ready-to-eat food to the food industry. With experience of more than two centuries, the company services close to 80 countries and has been promoting quality farming practices in the agricultural industry since three decades.

Client Requirements

The client needed to enhance their infrastructure capacity and implement automated management to avoid the hassles of constant monitoring and resources management. This upgrade was essential to fuel business continuity and maintain brand reputation.

Veritis Approach

Veritis team of experts provided the client with Remote Infrastructure Management Services (RIMS) for their Solaris and Linux Servers. Throughout the project, Veritis personnel constantly monitored infrastructure performance to fix any functionality errors and ensure smooth business operations.

Client Challenge Areas

Veritis team of experts had to deal with errors while building the infrastructure framework in accordance with the needs of the client. Additionally, the team had to fix technical challenges while working with APIs to ensure applications worked in accordance with the functionality of the operating system.

Key Responsibilities Held

Following are the key responsibilities held:

  • Monitoring IT infrastructure performance during and post-project execution
  • Providing SLAs, monitoring incident levels and preparing feedback reports for successful implementation
  • Resolving production issues
  • Holding daily meetings to discuss progress and check with any issues faced by the team
  • Collaborating with client teams to identify infrastructure-related problems and understand how each team functions

Environments Used

Red Hat Linux, Solaris, VMware, Chef Tools, Service Monitoring Tools, Private and Public cloud computing services, AWS, CS Modules and Blade Logic.

Value Delivered

The client now has enhanced infrastructure with more space for hosting applications and storing data. Additionally, it does not have to constantly oversee system performance and manage multiple monitoring tools. With Veritis IT Infrastructure and RIMS services, the client now practices centralized monitoring and has a simple infrastructure monitoring interface in place.

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