OS Virtualization Services

Enabling System Hardware to Run Concurrent Instances of Different Operating Systems

OS Virtualization ServicesAn Introduction to OS Virtualization

Operating System (OS) virtualization refers to the modification of a standard OS allowing multiple users to run different applications on a single computer at a time. This concept of virtualization is useful for secure allocation of a finite number of hardware resources among several users and is commonly used in virtual hosting environments.

OS virtualization is also used to integrate server hardware by moving services on to separate hosts. OS virtualization services offer greater flexibility and reduced overhead by facilitating granular migration of individual applications. In addition, separation of applications into different containers ensures enhanced security.

Business Benefits of OS Virtualization Consulting Services

Veritis OS virtualization services ensure the availability of applications even during the times of system upgrades and security patches. We facilitate the migration of critical applications to other virtual OS to ensure continuity of performance.

Our OS virtualization solutions also enable you to derive several additional benefits such as:

  • Little or no overhead
  • Live migration
  • Dynamic load balancing of containers between nodes and cluster
  • File level copy-on-write mechanism that facilitates easier backup of files and space efficiency

Veritis Expertise

Veritis has a team of industry experts with extensive experience in delivering OS virtualization consulting services and solutions for both SMBs and large organizations.
You can contact us @ 972-753-0022 or Email us at connect@veritis.com for more information on how to avail our OS virtualization services.

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